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Austin has a lot of clubs, but this one is specifically for fems and thems (but open to everyone) who love science fiction, fantasy, gaming, and more geeky goodness. Engage in intelligent conversation about creative works and activities with others who share a common interest in things like parallel worlds, speculative futures and alternative histories. While we started as a book club, we have since branched out into a variety of fun stuff. There's a monthly book club, social night, and RPG gaming night (all suitable for first-timers with or without experience). We are intentional about the spaces we create and the media we share, with a focus on reading books, playing games, and featuring discussions on underrepresented creators and characters. We welcome anyone who wants to add more women, LGBTQ+, feminist, and BIPOC created media to their lives. Our organizers set the intention of making every event a safe space for people to share and be themselves. All are welcome to come and geek out with us! Join our Goodreads.com (https://www.goodreads.com/group/show/214408-daughters-of-the-moontower-book-club)group for more!

Upcoming events (4+)

RPG One Shot

Online event

Welcome adventurers! We play a RPG one-shot each month. We choose the system based on our available GMs. Check the comments for this month's offering and for more info on the game & character selection.

Players of all levels are welcome! Including those brand new to RPGs. These are stand alone, single event adventures. So no campaign commitment! Questions are welcome. Space is very limited so please update your RSVP if anything changes. If you are interested and this event is full please get on the waiting list.

We look forward to gaming with you!

Book Club: House of Furies

Online event

This month's book is House of Furies by Medeleine Roux. Young Louisa hopes that her life might take a turn for the better when an old woman offers her a job at Coldthistle House. This strange boarding house and its mysterious owner Mr. Morningside seem to hid sinister secrets and attract unsettling guests. Coldthistle ins't just your average boarding house. It is a place where villainous people come to be judged and dealt justice. A new guest has charmed Louisa and seems different from the rest, but can she help him escape the fate of all the others? And what supernatural interference will they face? This is a YA gothic horror that should be perfect for reading on a dark, wintery night this month.

CW: gore, descriptions of gruesome death

We hope you will join us for this meeting. Read the books or don't, we look forward to seeing you there for a good discussion!

Book Club: Hench: A Novel

Online event

This month's book is Hench: A Novel by Natalie Zina Walschots. Anna is your everyday average temp, living a life of coffee and data entry. It just so happens that she temps for supervillains. She's a hench for hire who finally finds a job that feels like the kind of job she could stick with. Of course, that's all completely ruined when her boss, an overly-familiar-with-his-employees villain, goes toe to toe with the most powerful hero in the world and Anna ends up gravely injured and hospitalized. When she discovers that she's far from the first person whose life is steamrolled by a so-called hero, Anna digs deeper and finds her true passion for unconventional justice, undermining our messed up ideas about heroism, and spreadsheets.

CW: medical trauma, body horror, kidnapping, violence

We hope you will join us for this meeting. Read the books or don't, we look forward to seeing you there for a good discussion!

Book Club: This is How You Lose the Time War

Online event

This month's book is This is How You Lose the Time War by Amal El-Mohtar and Max Gladstone. Two agents on opposite sides of a time travelling war fought through eons find their rivalry evolving. They maneuver through ages long past to secure disparate futures that wipe the other side from existence. All the while, they write letters woven through centuries of intricately orchestrated events and patterns left in places only the other might find and understand. Threats and flaunting of cunning give way to a connection through countless lifetimes. They fight on for their cause, but risk their lives to communicate across the boundaries of their loyalties. It's a war story and a love story like no other.

CW: war/violence, torture, self-harm, mention of sexual assault, animal death

We hope you will join us for this meeting. Read the books or don't, we look forward to seeing you there for a good discussion!

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Book Club: Gideon the Ninth

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