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Dead Gamers Society: The So Cal World of Darkness Meetup - Los Angeles Chapter

The World of Darkness beckons. A world of shadow and mystery. A world of secrets and conspiracy. A world of dimming hope and fear. A World of Darkness.

Meet other fans of White Wolf's World of Darkness & Onyx Path's Chronicle of Darkness series of games. If you enjoy Vampire, Werewolf, Mage,Promethean , Changeling the Lost, Hunter, Wraith or Geist the Sin-Eaters, this Meetup is for you.

Look for other players to join you group, start a new group or just share tales of your Chronicles of Darkness in the World of Darkness.

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Vampire the Masquerade 5th Ed. - A Glimpse into the Shadows

Nights in the City of Angels - Prologue: A Glimpse into the Shadows

Los Angeles, the City of Angels. A place where dreams are made... and broken. But among the dreamers lie a shadow society that has survived two eras of war. Amid a new enemy threatening the freedom valiantly fought for by the Anarchs, a new danger is looming. Secret government organizations are plotting against the Kindred nation to rid the world of those they classify as Blank Bodies. Now, a reluctant Coterie in the heart of West Los Angeles will be thrust into a new war that will have to be fought across two fronts. But they need you, their fellow Kindred, to go where they cannot... New faces to slip in and out of the shadows, retrieving valuable intel that can turn the tides of war.

PLEASE NOTE: This Chronicle follows the canon of Vampire Bloodlines and LA by Night. While it is not necessary to be familiar with the canon, the Chronicle will be better enjoyed if players are familiar with the lore as events from both timelines will be present, referenced, and has direct effects on the progression of the narrative. I will also need every players' full name, clan, and sect for the opening credits video (yes, I'm going the whole nine yards).

Pre-gen characters are available for anyone who would prefer not to create a character for this game.

The following are my house rules for V5

🔸 Thou shalt not kill, save in self-defense (You cannot kill that which is already dead, so this does not apply to Kindred)
🔸 Thou shalt show mercy to the weak (You must not prolong the suffering of the weak as it feeds the will of the beast)
🔸 Thou shalt not harm the innocent (To Ghoul or Embrace a mortal is to destroy their innocence, so this is included)

XP AT CREATION (for players creating their own character)
🔸 Fledgling- 20xp [masked]), 15xp (2017-present)
🔸 Neonate- 35xp [masked]), 30xp [masked]), 25xp [masked])
🔸 Ancilla- 50xp (1870 or earlier), 45xp [masked]), 40xp [masked]

Delta Green: Last Things Last

Online event

When a former agent of the Program passes away alone at home, your team is sent in to sweep the premises and make sure no evidence exists of his connection with the group, or of the existence of the unnatural. What you discover instead will prove the truth of the old cliche - that some secrets refuse to stay buried…

Delta Green: Last Things Last is a one-shot scenario in which your characters are employees of various federal agencies who also moonlight for the Program, a clandestine conspiracy dedicated to combating the cosmic horrors that creep in at the edges of our reality. This game will be played on the DGS Discord server, and pregenerated characters will be provided.

Mage the Awakening: M.A.G.E. (Maracott's Academy for Gnostic Excellence)

Congratulations! You and six other students have been invited to the most prestigious and most secretive mage academy in the western hemisphere. Sure, the academy has had it's ups and downs in recent years. An entire class of students vanishing, a number of demonic sacrifices, accidental magical mishaps that cause *minor* explosions from time to time. But still, it's the best magical education money can buy (and on top of that, it's free!).

The Academy is based in a small boutique hotel in Beverly Hills, and has produced many prominent and influential mages during its time. As such, despite it's occasional problem children, it is still well regarded within the Consilium and considered incredibly prestigious, despite the fact that the methodology of it's teaching (or even it's selection process) remains a mystery to the public.

No one knows exactly what goes on at the school, but you're about to find out! All that's known for sure is that any mage that attends Maracott's Academy for Gnostic Excellence is destined for greatness.

Who could turn down such an opportunity?

Projected Sessions: 6 (played on the 2nd Saturday of each month)

• Important to know
This game will include crossover sessions with another group's ongoing chronicles (a Changeling chronicle)
This game uses the Mage the Awakening 2e rulebook

Feel free to contact the host (Aliou Amravanti) with any questions.
Looking for a game? Join our Discord Channel at https://discord.gg/fNcDHR

Vampire the Masquerade 5E - "A Rhinestone Bloodbath"

Nashville and Middle Tennessee have been host to plenty of supernatural creatures over the past few centuries, including kindred. But to sophisticated, Camarilla types? It's been a bit of a cultural backwater. Sure, you might encounter a vamp lurking in the shadows leaving a honky tonk or backstage at the Grand Ole Opry, but to the power brokers of the Ivory Tower? It's always been a secondary concern at best.

This was all before Nashville became one of the fastest growing cities in the nation, of course. With scores of businesses, money, and people flocking to the Music City, the Camarilla wants in on the action, and a new Prince is looking to sure up control.

In "A Rhinestone Bloodbath," a group of neonates will be tasked with strengthening the Camarilla -- by eliminating some of its enemies. Of course how they go about it will be up to them. They take on great risk, but with great risk come the potential for a great reward.

No experience with Vampire: The Masquerade or V5 required. Players will select from pre-generated character options, which they'll be able to flesh out with their own details. Players are heavily encouraged to bring d10's if they have them.

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Geist the Sin-Eaters: Death Near the River

Online event

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