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Dead Gamers Society: The So Cal World of Darkness Meetup - Los Angeles Chapter

The World of Darkness beckons. A world of shadow and mystery. A world of secrets and conspiracy. A world of dimming hope and fear. A World of Darkness.

Meet other fans of White Wolf's World of Darkness & Onyx Path's Chronicle of Darkness series of games. If you enjoy Vampire, Werewolf, Mage,Promethean , Changeling the Lost, Hunter, Wraith or Geist the Sin-Eaters, this Meetup is for you.

Look for other players to join you group, start a new group or just share tales of your Chronicles of Darkness in the World of Darkness.

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Geist the Sin-Eaters: The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea - The Midnight Curse

Geist the Sin-Eaters - The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea - The Midnight Curse "Every sailor knows death is never far, and they gird themselves with superstitions and practices to ward off ill fate. The bells of ghostly ships sound across mist-wreathed seas, and strange corpse lights dance beneath the waves. A pirate struggles with the fear of retribution that writhes in his gut and finds the faces of those he has killed burned into his memory. The Bound tend to this watery congregation, plumbing the depths for lost and wayward souls. " Ghost stories in the golden age of piracy as the Sin-Eaters plumb the depths for dread mysteries and treasure best left forgotten. This games feature Geist setting material from forth coming Chronicles of Darkness Dark Eras 2 Pre-gens to be provided. Questions? Feel free to ask.

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Changeling Short Season: A Debt for a Debt

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