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Decision Intelligence Tokyo (DIT) is a non-profit organization in Japan. DIT is dedicated to making actionable artificial intelligence (AI) for the prosperity of commons. DIT connects experts (AI, ML, data scientists, and engineers)—for the development of next-generation actionable AI—which coordinates human decision-makers with data, models, and others. Actionable future AI supports humans to make responsible decisions.

To solve the problems in the society, data scientists, ML/AI engineers, and developers require a new way of thinking. The new way of thinking requires a multidisciplinary view of the problems. These include anthropology, political science, psychology, neuroscience along with data, AI/ML, knowledge management, human collaboration, even social media and the arts.

DIT is inspired by Dr. Lorien Pratt ( https://www.lorienpratt.com/ ) and Dr. Cassie Koryrkov ( https://medium.com/@kozyrkov ).

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心・からだ・社会からの見る・創る Well-being
Inductive Biases for Higher-Level Cognition Deep Learning
The Future of Trusted AI and Service Science

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