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This group is for anyone who is looking for a deep healing and/or transformational event in their lives. This practice, officially called Soulful Breathwork, is a simple yet profound healing practice that has the ability to heal at all levels: mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. When we do not give full expression to our emotions in the moment of an event, we end up storing these experiences in our body, and in turn this accumulation of unexpressed emotion negatively affects our lives in countless ways. Almost everyone is walking around with some level emotional baggage, and this is exactly what soulful breathwork is targeting and releasing. And perhaps the most mystifying thing about this practice is that when it releases something, it releases it permanently.

Through this soulful breathwork practice, we invite the breath into the body to heal this past trauma or stress, lightening the load that we carry around with us. Many clients report that one session was the equivalent of 5-10 years of therapy! After a soulful breathwork session it is not uncommon to feel enlivened and energized and infused with clearer purpose. Come find out more about this bizarrely simple and incredibly profound practice!

To learn more or to connect with me, please visit www.openheartedhealing.com

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