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Here is a chance to meet thoughtful people who feel passionately about the deep and meaningful things in life. The group invites like-minded people to engage in lively discussion on a broad range of intellectual topics. Everyone is welcome - just bring your point of view and willingness to share it in a spirit of open mindedness, and a sense of humour.

If you are just looking for a good argument, this group is not for you. If you are craving some good conversation and want to communicate and learn from other people's perspectives, please join us. We attempt to:

- actively listen, consider and respond rather than react. Pauses in the discussion are valuable, giving participants time to reflect;

- keep an open mind and stay curious - seek first to understand before making assumptions and judging others;

- we seek to share our ideas and grow mutual understanding, rather than to convert others to our point of view;

- if possible, vary your content to mix first-hand (personal experience) with second-hand (facts/stats) knowledge;

- balance 'deep and serious' content with 'light and interesting' dialogue. We like to have fun too;

- stay invested in the conversation, even when you don’t agree with what is being said;

- we value your full presence and ask that all participants switch their mobile phones to “Airplane Mode” for the duration of the meetup. Using your phone as a notepad for ideas is fine;

- we are welcoming to new members and respectful of their ideas both in and around meetups.

The primary focus of this group is to meet face to face, either in real life or online – it is not an online messaging discussion group. Any online communication should be as part of the meetup preparation or follow-up.

We avoid topics that are based upon "belief" or "faith". There are other more suitable meetups if this is your area of interest. (For example, we would only ever discuss religion or spirituality in a sociological or psychological context.)

Please note that it is mandatory to order a drink and / or food to support the venue which is hosting us. We ask for a fifty cent (50c) donation at each meetup to cover Meetup and Zoom fees.

For online meetings:
- make sure that you are sitting in a quiet place
- if there is some unavoidable background noise, mute your microphone when you are not speaking
- enable the Do Not Disturb mode on your cellphone so that we don’t hear your messages and calls.
- use a headset or headphones if possible - this will improve sound quality for everyone.

Because it is not fair to those on a waiting list if a person RSVPs 'Yes', but then does not show up, a 'Two Strikes' rule will be applied. What this means is that if a member fails to show up twice or payment is not received in advance for two online meetups, they will be banned from attending further D & M Meetups. However, when the organising committee considers the possible banning of a long-term member who has had an otherwise good attendance record, 'no shows' recorded prior to 2 years ago will be disregarded.

This group has been going for many years now and we are proud of the culture we have created together. We look forward to seeing you there.

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Fact or fiction?

Une-Deux Cafe

The capacity to read is one of the fundamental abilities that distinguishes humans from other animals. There are two kinds of reading that we enjoy and learn from: reading 'factual' and 'fictional' accounts. Tonight, you are invited to share your thoughts about what works best for you - fact or fiction. Describe what it is that you like about the books you read. If possible, bring your favourite book with you to pass around. People attending this meetup will be invited to delve a little deeper, to explore what motivates this preference. What is it that gives you pleasure in reading the books that you enjoy? Sheer escapism? Living for a brief time in a fantasy world that is not possible in ordinary life? Making sense of the world? Is fiction completely made up and are factual books completely true? What evidence can you supply to support your views on this? PLEASE READ IF YOU PLAN TO ATTEND: - We ask for your cooperation to minimise the risk of COVID 19 transmission. If in the last 2 weeks you’ve had a cough, high temperature or shortness of breath or you have been in contact with a person who may be infected or has recently arrived from another country, please do not come to this event. Participants who come to this event with a cough will be asked to leave. - Arrive on time as having people join late disrupts the discussion. - You must register and be on the “Attendees - Going” list to attend. - If you are on the Wait List, you must visit the event page at 10:30am on the day of the event to check whether you got a spot or not. - We meet at the Un-Deux Cafe. The Cafe's normal closing time is 4pm. They are keeping it open for D&M group at a later time. On arrival, please purchase some food/drink to make it viable for the cafe. - Bring 50 cents to cover meetup costs. - We value your presence and ask that all participants switch their mobile phones to “Airplane Mode” for the duration of the meetup. OUR RSVP POLICY: - RSVPs and cancellations will be accepted up until 8 hours before the start of the meetup (ie, up until 10:15 am on the day of the meetup). - Being registered to attend and not attending OR cancelling your attendance after 10:15am on Tuesday will be considered a 'No Show'. - Members with two 'No Shows' will be banned from attending further D&M Meetups. **This RSVP policy has become necessary due to the high number of last minute withdrawals and non-attendance which unfairly caused people on the waiting list to miss out.**

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Independent Vs Interdependent (Me Vs We)

Une-Deux Cafe

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