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Do nice guys finish last? (D&M for under 45s)
(This D&M session is for members under 45.) Let’s pick apart a popular notion that people who are nice to others don’t succeed in competitive areas of life. In the world of work: do pushy, arrogant and unempathic people really get ahead of people who are being considerate, humble and nice to others? If people don’t like arrogance, will they let those who possess it get their way? In the world of romance: is it true that “bad boys” get the girl while “nice guys” end up in the friend-zone? Don’t nice guys embody many positive qualities that women claim to want in a man? Does the same apply to the other gender - will a nice girl fare better than a nice guy when it comes to career and romance? If so, why? Looking even deeper, what does it mean to be nice, why do people do it, and what short-term and long-term consequences does it have for individuals, groups and societies? Come and let’s discuss! CUSTOMS: - This D&M session is for members under 45. - You must register and be on the “Attendees - Going” list to attend. - We meet UPSTAIRS at the Little Turkish Cafe. - Bring 50 cents to cover meetup costs. - Many of us stay around after the event and continue to chat informally - it is a friendly group of interesting people and you are welcome to join us for the after-chat if you wish. RSVP POLICY: - RSVPs will be accepted up until 24 hours before the start of the meetup (ie, up until 6:15pm on Monday prior to the meetup). - If you plan to withdraw your attendance, please do this more than 24 hours in advance. You cannot withdraw after that time. - Being registered to attend and not attending will be considered a 'No Show'. Members with two 'No Shows' will be banned from attending further D&M Meetups. **This RSVP policy has become necessary due to the high number of last minute withdrawals and non-attendance which unfairly caused people on the waiting list to miss out.**

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Little Turkish Cafe

217 Karangahape Road, · Auckland

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Here is a chance to meet thoughtful people who feel passionately about the deep and meaningful things in life. The group invites like-minded people to engage in lively discussion on a broad range of intellectual topics. Everyone is welcome - just bring your point of view and willingness to share it in a spirit of open mindedness, and a sense of humour.

If you are just looking for a good argument, this group is not for you. If you are craving some good conversation and want to communicate and learn from other people's perspectives, please join us. We attempt to:
- actively listen, consider and respond rather than react. Pauses in the discussion are valuable, giving participants time to reflect;
- keep an open mind. Do not fixate exclusively on your own points of view;
- if possible, vary your content to mix first-hand (personal experience) with second-hand (facts/stats) knowledge;
- balance 'deep and serious' content with 'light and interesting' dialogue. We like to have fun too;
- stay invested in the conversation, even when you don’t agree with what is being said.

The primary focus of this group is to meet face to face – it is not an online discussion group. Any online communication should be as part of the meetup preparation or follow-up.

At the end of each meetup we discuss potential topics for future meetups. We avoid topics that are based on "belief" or "faith" There are other more suitable meetups if this is your bent. (For example, we would only ever discuss religion or spirituality in a sociological or psychological context.)

In Karangahape Rd we meet every second Thursday evening. The Hibiscus Coast and North Shore branches meetings vary. Please note that it is mandatory to order a drink and / or food to support the venue which is hosting us. A fifty cent (50c) donation at each meetup to cover Meetup fees will be appreciated.

Because it is not fair on those on a waiting list if a person RSVPs Yes, and then does not show up, we have a policy that if this happens twice, they will be banned from attending further D & M Meetups.

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