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Whether presented by a brokerage, bank or affordable housing counseling agency, homebuying seminars too often are a veiled sales pitches and there's never a bad time to buy. After attending one offered by a leading university, their credit union, and a MEGA-broker, we created a critique we affectionately call, "What they don't teach in homebuying 101."

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Listen, critique NPR talkshow re "Rough Real Estate Market"
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If you missed it earlier today, recommend that homebuyers in Greater Boston listen to this nationally-syndicated program, 7-8pm on 90.9fm or any time online: Buying A Home In Today’s Rough Real Estate Market http://bit.ly/RoughRE Disappointed by that the selection of guests did not included housing market skeptics like Mark Hanson (but you can follow hom http://twitter.com/MrMarkHanson on Twitter). Four years ago, Nobel-prize winning economic Robert Shiller said "we're in a totally artificial housing market." http://bit.ly/NotREal It that was true then, are we in a Great Fool's housing market again? That was the assessment of real estate agent-to-agent chatrooms in 2016: http://bit.ly/BidWarFools Call to Action: Want to meet online sometime and listen to the rebroadcast as a group? Maybe we can invite some real estate experts from around the country to join us virtually and offer more informed perspectives on the risks of buying in today's overheated housing market. Some of the comments made by guest expert Cotty Lowry, president of the Minnesota Area Association of Realtors, need to be refuted.

Record home prices: What role are #FakeBuyerAgents & #BiddingWars playing?

1st Draft Defensive Homebuying MeetUp: Breaking News: Median Prices hit All-Time High in Mass, with 9% surge in Single-family Prices http://bit.ly/WreckordREHype + + + Are rising prices real or sustainable in Massachusetts? Why all the hype about low inventory when the number of condos added to the market during May was up by nearly 10%? Has social media helped create a self-perpetuating speculative cycle? Why have #BiddingWars been "normalized"? What role are #FakeBuyerAgents playing now and in the past? Whether you attend in person offline in Boston / Cambridge or via webinar, we invite you to watch this hard-hitting, expose last November by the Canadian Broadcasting Company / @CBCMarketplace: Hidden camera: Real estate agents breaking the rules http://bit.ly/RExposeCBC BACKGROUND READING: Know people who have been advised you to bid #100KoverAsk? Why the change over 5 years? http://bit.ly/BidWars412v17 Brief history of bidding wars: http://bit.ly/unFoldBidWars Bidding Wars: Will escalator clauses put designated agency into investigative spotlight? http://bit.ly/BetrayME CONSUMER PROTECT THYSELF: What happens when bidding wars go bad, and what is your recourse? Look what happened during the last real estate downturn. Are we headed for another before 2020? What implications does that have for current home buying decisions? http://bit.ly/Misled2014 We'll invite some legal experts to join us to explain how you can use this #DIY Pledge of Allegiance to protect yourself from conflicts of interest: http://bit.ly/GetREPledge + + + SCHEDULING: Which date / time works for you? Cross-posting on Defensive Homebuying MeetUp. Please cast your vote below: http://bit.ly/RExposeDefBuyrs

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