Let's Bike Metro NYC Sunday, 2nd of 3 days, Memorial Day Weekend, East River

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Ferry Terminal Viaduct

Ferry Terminal Viaduct · Staten Island, NY

How to find us

We will be parked at the Ferry Terminal Munimeter parking, its FREE on sundays! We will take the 9.30am ferry. Arrive early if you haven't been there before.

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if your meeting the group on the NYC side instead of Staten Island, meet us here about 10.00am https://goo.gl/maps/yTdJ1wv6awJ4kxAe7 , its the south west corner of the Bowling Green Park, theres lots of interesting things to check out there.

Here we go 3 days of rides in NYC!

Join us for 1, 2 or 3! Note please RSVP separately for each day

Overall Map: https://goo.gl/fzfmhA


DAY 2 -- DAY 2 --DAY 2 -- DAY 2 --DAY 2 -- DAY 2 --DAY 2 -- DAY 2 --

Sunday, May 27 Day 2 of 3, start 9am finish 5pm

NYC 2019 East River, approx 35mi, some steep bridges, possible return via ferry.

Classic NYC East Side Zipper ride. Zigzag up the east river on bridges for a good workout and lots of great water views of the river (some bridges can be optionally bypassed). Highpoints include Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge, downtown Brooklyn, Williamsburg Bridge, Williamsburg, GreenPoint, Long Island City and Gantry park with a great view across the river of the UN Building, then back to Manhattan on the Queensboro bridge, a quick pass through Central Park and Gracie Park on the East River. Then onto beautiful Wards-Randal Island and cross the RFK(Triborough) bridge to Astoria, and stop at the Bohemian Beer garden. From Astoria we take a relaxing city Ferry back to Manhattan and the East River Promenade. (Note ferry only runs every 1.5hour on weekend and I'm not sure how crowded it could be. Biking back is somewhat difficult and duplicates earlier ride)

parking: free on sunday at, 1 Ferry Terminal Viaduct, https://goo.gl/maps/9hJGKbRf1my

Will provide suggestions shortly.

For these weekend events, current Delaware Valley Bike Club Membership or current Outdoor Club of South Jersey membership is required. You will need money for parking, food, and the ferry, and of course your overnight accommodations and other transportation if any. DVBC-The Delaware Valley Bicycle Club (DVBC) is a small non-profit organization staffed entirely by volunteers which serves Delaware County and adjacent areas, including rides in nearby DE and NJ. We lead many rides every month for all level of cyclists and our meetings and our regular rides are open to the public. Learn more at: http://dvbc.org/

OCSJ- In 1967 the Outdoor Club of South Jersey (OCSJ) was formally organized. Besides biking the Outdoor Club offers hiking, kayaking, canoeing and cross country skiing. One must be a member to attend outings. . Learn more at: http://ocsj.org/

If you live in NJ or NY perhaps you will prefer to join the Outdoor Club of South Jersey, individual is $20, family is $25 https://ocsj.wildapricot.org/join-us If you live in PA, DE, or MD perhaps you will prefer to join the Delaware Valley Bike Club, individual is $20, family is $25 http://dvbc.org/join-club/membership-form-2/

All attending individuals will need to have RSVP’ed on DVBC or OCSJ meetup groups, and at the meetup you must sign both the DVBC and OCSJ waivers (which leader will have) and have proof of membership in one or the other club to participate (for insurance purposes). RSVP is limited to 30 so that we do not get too spread out or have too hard a time staying together. Anticipating about 25% no show or last minute cancellations 22 will be a manageable group.

So basically if you are a dues paying member of either DVBC or OCSJ clubs this event is free, you just pay your own costs and refreshments. Compare that to doing the five borough ride for $94 and having to stand in long lines with over 30,000 other cyclists. See pictures and details at http://brokelyn.com/more-like-3-boro-walk-bore/ If you aren’t a member by joining now for $20 you will get to go on great rides one or both days and the benefits of club membership all year.

For these weekend events, ALL RIDERS MUST BE EITHER A DVBC OR OCSJ MEMBER to participate (insurance purposes) in these two rides. You also must be on the RSVP signup list on the Meetups at either https://www.meetup.com/Delaware-Valley-Bicycle-Club-Greater-Philly-Area/ or https://www.meetup.com/Outdoor-Club-of-South-Jersey/.

Remember, being a dues paying club member is not the same as just being a member of their free Meetup group. You will need money for parking, food, and the ferry, and of course your overnight accommodations and other transportation if any.

By registering and participating in this meetup, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the following statement:

I understand that bicycling involves certain dangers and risks which I am prepared to assume for myself and all children accompanying me. I will abide by all traffic laws and regulations and agree to bicycle in a safe and prudent manner. In addition, I agree and acknowledge that I am participating in the Bike Ride voluntarily and under my own free will, and that I am aware that possible physical injury might occur to me as a result of my participation in this bike ride. I acknowledge that I am an experienced bicycle rider on or crossing roads and highways where there is motorized traffic and that I am physically able to participate in this bike ride. I hereby release and hold harmless the posting group's and individuals, it's Board, individually and collectively, and it's officers, employees, volunteers and agents from any and all injury and damages that result, directly or indirectly, from my participation in this bike ride.

I understand and will bring a spare tube (preferably two), a bike lock and plenty of liquids, that blinking lights which can save my life are highly suggested, and as is this a Delaware Valley Bike Club and Outdoor Club of South Jersey jointly sponsored event a signed waiver (which leader will have) of liability and a certified helmet (which you should bring) will be required by both clubs. I will bring an operable and safe bike with fully inflated tires (best way to avoid flats), with good brakes and hopefully lights. Make sure you have plenty of water, Camelback or 2 water bottles or both and bring some snacks such as nuts, power bars, etc. I understand I should bring spending money in case I want refreshments afterwards or want something along the way, and a fun attitude and smiles which are best when shared!!

Bike maintenance: Be sure to have a mechanically sound bike. Do bring tools to fix your bike and a spare tube(s). i.e. If you don’t have quick release wheels make sure you have a the appropriate tools to remove your wheel.

I understand there is no maintenance vehicle or team on this meetup ride, and should I have a mechanical failure I should anticipate getting a taxi or an Uber. I understand I should get there at least 15 minutes early to set up, as the ride will start punctually. This should not be the first time I have attempted these mileages. It is not fair to the group if certain individuals are not capable of the distance and cause the whole group to have to stop or not finish.

If you have any questions feel free to post here, or send me a message here through meetup! Just click the dialog box on my profile. A benefit of posting most questions here is other folks may have the same question and will benefit by your asking it here.

My plus one count may be high to account for other sponsoring club.

Want to see pictures from a prior year's rides? Note routes were different,

Day 1 https://www.meetup.com/Outdoor-Club-of-South-Jersey/photos/28132905/

Day 2 https://www.meetup.com/Outdoor-Club-of-South-Jersey/photos/28121367/

Day 3 https://www.meetup.com/Outdoor-Club-of-South-Jersey/photos/28121372/


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