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It doesn't matter what you're building, if it's inaccessible, it can't be used by a portion of your customers, hands down. So, how do we make accessible products?

We will discuss and demonstrate accessibility techniques used professionally, ask and answer questions about how to add accessibility to current software, and also examine how accessibility can fit into your organization and what steps you can personally take to improve the accessibility of your products.

This meetup will cover topics such as WCAG compliance, the use and misuse of ARIA, mobile accessibility, and building organizational uptake.

I intend to meet monthly, and will have a short lecture on a given topic for each meetup, followed by Q&A and general discussion.
Once we have a few attendees, I will invite others to cover aspects of accessibility they are more familiar with. I will also reach out to find guest speakers, with a particular interest in finding developers with disabilities.

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