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This group is for any artists and art appreciators. The Denver Art Society is a non-profit organization in the Santa Fe arts district focused on ensuring the arts are accessible to all. We offer a variety of classes, discussions, shows, and workshops at little or no cost. Stop by the gallery any time and join us for an event. We'd love to meet you!

Upcoming events (4+)

Learn Piano in one lesson

Denver Art Society Cooperative: Main Gallery


For Real: Learn to play piano in one lesson even if you know nothing about music or feel as though you lack talent.

All levels including beginners are welcome, no experience needed, no note reading necessary, materials will be provided.

This is a casual, no pressure, class setting with a maximum of 3 available seats. Class will begin with a short music theory lecture followed by group improv on the keyboard relating to the lecture.

Attendees will learn and exercise: Chord and Scale theory, improv, composition, ensemble playing,

Class will operate in a way that allows each attendee to participate comfortably at their own ability level in each moment.

Playing With Watercolor Workshop

Denver Art Society Cooperative: Main Gallery


Hi! I'm artist Lisa Pordon, and I mainly paint in acrylics.


Over the past few years, though, I have been learning and enjoying working with watercolour. I'd love to share some of the things I've learned, especially creating really cool effects using all sorts of fun things that you probably have in your kitchen!

The focus of this workshop will be on PLAY! No pressure to create a masterpiece - just lots of messing around and experimenting.

If you have watercolour paints, brushes, paper, feel free to bring - but I will have materials available to use as well.

Class will be held in the DAS gallery. Payment can be made in person (cash or credit card) or paypal - via the 'donate' link here: https://www.denverartsociety.org/donate

Please indicate that payment is for Lisa Pordon Workshop.

At this time, class is limited to six students.

I will be offering similar workshops regularly, so stay tuned!

I hope you'll join me in playing with this fun medium!

landscape painting

Denver Art Society


landscape painting workshop - taught by artist Dechteres Lazidis. Live demonstrations, advice, discussions, and pitfalls. All mediums, and open to all skill levels.

Students should bring their own painting materials, paints, brushes.

Psychedelic Art Integration Experience

Denver Art Society Cooperative: Tree Fort Studios


Are you interested in integrating a psychedelic experience but can't find the words? Would you like to explore a past trip via art? Are you wanting to tap into your more creative side after psychedelics?

Processing the ineffable through art is a human tradition. It can serve as a pathway for expression and often withstands the test of time. Whether it’s dreams, visions, or hallucinations, art can unlock the doors of consciousness and give us a new perspective.

Join us as we use art to explore our past psychedelic experiences. After a light snack and social time, we will transition to creating a watercolor painting through a series of 4 meditations as we reflect on a previous psychedelic (or altered state) experience. We will end our time with a short sharing circle where participants will reflect on the process and how the final art piece represents their trip and future intentions.

While there are no specific goals in creating a specific work or art, each participant is encouraged to see their work as a valuable conduit to a past experience that can be used to revisit psychedelic memories. Participants are asked to approach the process with curiosity, withhold personal judgment, and cultivate an attitude of reflection.

Art supplies will be provided as well as a snack. Your art is yours to take home.

No experience is necessary.

Please note that we are not giving you psychedelics and we discourage intoxication at this event.



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landscape painting

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