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What we’re about

The Denver Bicycle Touring Club, Inc. (DBTC) is the original bicycling club of the Denver Metro area. DBTC is a non-profit corporation run by volunteers. The Club promotes recreational and commuter cycling, bike safety, and education of the general public in cycling matters. The Club organizes and sponsors weekend and weekday rides. Rides are divided into categories of interest including LEISURE, MTB, FUN, FUN+, and INTERMEDIATE. We typically offer at least four Out of Town Tours scheduled for 2022. We publish a monthly newsletter, available to members, of its activities and ride schedule. The DBTC maps (Bicycling the Greater Denver Area) are still sold at many bike shops; however, as of 2022 are no longer being published.

We invite you to enjoy your first ride as a Guest. After that, we request you join the Denver Bicycle Touring Club - annual dues are $35.00 for a single and $50.00 for a Family Membership. 
Anyone interested in Colorado bicycling is eligible to join DBTC. Membership applications are in every newsletter, and Club brochures can be found in some metro Denver bicycle shops. If you would like a sample of the current newsletter, check it out at  Memberships are for 12 months from the time you join.
To post & lead a ride, you need to be an active member.    Please go to to find the membership form and other information and events that our club sponsors.