Inaugural Meetup: Cloud-Native and Kubernetes

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We're happy to announce our first meetup in Boulder!

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How to find the venue :
After parking, please locate the B1 elevator and take it up to the lobby ( 1). Upon exiting the elevator, you will see our reception desk where you can go to get checked in and receive further instruction!

At our Pearl St location, visitor parking is located on level P0 of our parking garage. Once at the garage entrance, use the intercom system to buzz our receptionist, provide the name of the employee you are visiting or event you are attending and access will be granted! If you are
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6:00 - Doors open. Networking. Food and drinks

6:30 - Welcome.

6:50 - Scalable machine learning for cybersecurity with kubeflow by Barton Rhodes

7.20 - Q&A break.

7:30 - Solving microservices challenges with a service mesh

8:00 - Q&A break and wrap-up.


Talk 1

Title: Scalable machine learning for cybersecurity with kubeflow

Speaker: Barton Rhodes, Machine Learning Engineer at Optfit LLC

Bio: Barton is one of the organizers of the Denver Machine Learning Study Group and a cofounders at Optfit, where he hacks on NLP and cybersecurity, topics on which he had spoken around Denver region in the past

Abstract: Kubeflow is a machine learning toolkit for Kubernetes. It enables one to execute machine learning workloads and adjacent tasks anywhere Kubernetes runs, all while using your favorite open source tools and frameworks. Moving between compute instances in the cloud and high security on-premise networks creates a variety of challenges for putting ML models into production quickly and effectively. One of the contexts where the diversity of execution environments is inescapably part of the domain is cybersecurity. After a brief introduction to kubeflow, Barton will walk through an application to the problem of serving a set of security ML models in production centered around a popular SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) system and security-value data it gets.

Talk 2

Title: Solving microservices challenges with a service mesh

Speaker: Neeraj Poddar, Platform Lead at Aspen Mesh
Bio: Neeraj Poddar is the Platform Lead at Aspen Mesh. He has worked on various aspects of operating systems, networking and distributed systems over the span of his career. He is passionate about developing efficient and performant distributed applications. He loves playing racquetball and gaining back the calories spent playing by trying out new restaurants.

Abstract: Istio is an open source service mesh built on Kubernetes. Istio is a rich toolbox that provides a uniform way to connect, secure, manage and monitor microservices. This presentation will provide an overview of Istio and its architecture, a look at how it helps with security, traffic management and policy enforcement, and demonstrate the value Aspen Mesh adds on top of Istio.

We're open to any experiments, so if you want to share your experience and become a speaker or sponsor/co-organize the meetup, feel free to fill in the following form or contact me directly.

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