Value Stream Mapping and Digital Transformation

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Usually the focus of this meetup is building code.

This time, we'll be talking about a technique that can help transform a team or organization to ensure the code we develop is actually used as quickly as possible (and not sitting waiting for deployment for months).

In this meetup, Robin Morrison, Director of Project Management and Business Analysis at Kenzan, will describe a Lean management technique called Value Stream Mapping. This technique has been used in many organizations to help identify a path to a delivering software faster.

What is a value stream? A value stream is a fundamental construct in Lean management. It is defined as the the sequence of steps used to deliver value to the customer.

Why is it important to me? Flow is present when work moves from one process to the next in the value stream without interruption or delay. Software ideas flow from inception to create value for the customer with speed. But, in some development organizations, each step along the way is fraught with disruptions. This can mean that what we build is not seen by our customers for months instead of with immediacy. Value stream mapping is a technique to help identify those blockers, and identify areas to change so that you can make value flow to the customer

Join us for this interactive session to learn how you can use this knowledge to help transform your team or company.

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