10 Weeks / 10 jQuery Projects (Week 1)

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450 Lincoln Street, Suite 101 · Denver, CO

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This study group is for folks who want to learn and/or get better at writing jQuery through project-based learning. Whether you're a budding novice or an experienced developer we welcome you.


Together we'll go through the 10 projects outlined in Dan Wellman's jQuery Hotshot book. Each week is a new lesson and a new mini project to complete.

This project-based format has the added benefit that you'll never be 'behind' the group if you miss a week. Although the projects sometimes build on previous knowledge, each week is a fresh start.

There will be no one formally teaching us jQuery. We read the book and do the lessons together. There is no teacher (other than the book itself). We normally get into groups of 3-5 people and work through the projects together. Think of it kind of like a book club with friends around you help you along the way.

This meetup is a hands-on-the-keyboard-meetup, rather than theory. We write code and complete each lesson as a way to learn. Although we may occasionally have guest speakers, our meetups are primarily collaborative coding/pair programming sessions.

Must haves:

• A laptop

• A copy of jQuery Hotshot - $22.94 digital or $44.99 digital + print at Packt Publishing (http://www.packtpub.com/jquery-hotshot/book)

• A code editor

• Working knowledge of CSS/HTML

I look forward to seeing you all Saturday mornings!


Week 1 - Sliding Puzzle
(from the book project intro)

In this project we'll be building a simple but fun puzzle game in which a picture is scrambled and has to be unscrambled back to the original picture by sliding the different pieces around the board – a modern web-based take on a classic game from yesteryear.

Typically there is one blank space on the board and pieces can only be moved into this blank space so we will need to build a system that keeps track of where the blank space is, and only allows pieces directly adjacent to it to be dragged.