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What we’re about

Welcome to the Denver Digital Marketing Meetup!

Are you a seasoned marketer that is struggling to supercharge your company’s marketing program? Maybe you are relatively new to the online world of marketing and just looking to learn. Then this group is for you. 

We will meet to network with others who share your passion for Digital Marketing. This meet-up will seek to address the interests of marketing managers, marketing practitioners, consultants, technologists, students, and those who are just interested in the subject. A wide range of topics (noted below) will be presented from the perspective of large organizations to startups and nonprofits. Speakers will cover specific marketing topics and share about their objectives, strategies, challenges, success stories, budget considerations, and supporting technology tools. 


Content Management (strategy, resources, video, graphics design, storytelling, writing, photograph, animation, . . . ), Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, . . . ), Email Marketing, SEO, Analytics / Dashboards, Lead Management, Online Ads, Marketing Automation, Customer Management, Mobile Marketing, and eCommerce.