September Denver Software Architects meeting feature Paul Nielson


Denver Software Architects,

Please join us for our September meeting. We will be featuring a presentation sponsored by Tejon Tech.

Bio: Paul Nielsen is the author of the Amazon Best-selling SQL Server 2008 Bible, a 12x Microsoft MVP, author of the Smart Database Design Seminar, and the founder of Tejon Tech. Paul is a former US Navy Data Systems Tech and he now lives in Colorado Springs. In the startup space, Paul is the chair of Colorado Springs Startup Week and a board member of Peak Startup.

Presentation: TejonDB is a No-Code Hybrid Object/Relational/Graph database that is currently in beta testing. It supports multiple inheritance, Object Multi-Class, and every feature is inheritable. While entering the design into the Configuration Studio, the database and Windows end-user application is created automatically. It is targeted toward business analysts, developers, and consultants who desire building a fully functional data application in less time, cost, and risk. Because the product is still in beta, we have several questions about the feature set and business model, and we want to hear feedback form you.

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