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Meet other local people interested in discussing ideas about the metaphysical. We will explore and discuss a different topic at each Meetup. Possible areas include, psychic development, Numerology, Meditation, I Ching, tarot, chakra balancing, hypnosis, aura and energy field readings and healings, astrology, psychometry, focused intention, runes, dowsing.

I also envision speakers and talks, interactive demonstrations. Group participation will be strongly encouraged.

This group is open to everyone (regardless of experience) with an interest in Metaphysics.

There is a $5 admission charge to pay for the space.

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Taking an Interlife Spiritual Journey, Visiting Life Between Lives-Doug Pratt

Althea Center for Engaged Spirituality


The Interlife Spiritual Journey is a personal way to explore the non-physical world of spirit and soul. It is based on the work of Michael Newton’s Life Between Lives. Using guided imagery, you are assisted to shift from your ordinary waking consciousness to a deeper state of consciousness or super-consciousness. In this deep altered state, you are able to interact you’re your spiritual guide, renew your relationship with him or her and ask questions about your current life. Your spiritual guide can take you to different places in this non-physical world that would be of interest and value to you. This can include consulting with your Soul Council, which is a group of beings who have assisted you with planning your current life. Or, you might connect with your Primary Soul Group, souls you’ve grown and learned with through your many lives. The Interlife Spiritual Journey will help you to understand and experience the non-physical world. It provides you with better clarity about your soul path and about the purpose of your current life. In this session I will describe the Interlife Spiritual Journey in greater detail. We will then use guided imagery to assist you to connect with your spiritual guide. After taking some time to re-familiarize yourself with your guide, your guide will be invited to take you to a meaningful place in the non-physical world. After that, I will then return you to your normal waking state where we can discuss your experience and answer questions. There will be a drawing for one attendee to receive an Interlife Spiritual Journey. (Bio) Douglas Pratt, LCSW I have practiced as a counselor for over 30 years. My passion lies in working with the spiritual and the metaphysical. It is very gratifying to assist others on their personal path of spiritual awakening. I can guide Past Life Regressions as well as Interlife Spiritual Journeys. Clients contact me seeking a better understanding of who they truly are. This can include connecting with one’s soul self and one’s higher self. We collaborate to find better clarity to the questions, “Am I on my path” and “What is my life purpose?” Sometimes this will include removing blocks or clearing negative energies that interfere with accessing deeper information and understanding. Douglas Pratt, LCSW www.douglaspratt.com [masked][masked]

Five Week Intuitive Tarot Class with Kendara

Althea Center for Engaged Spirituality


You are invited to a 5 week Intuitive Tarot class From Tuesday, May 7th through June 4, From 7:00pm-9:30pm The Price is $125 for all five weeks, and includes handouts and lots of practice. You are also asked to bring a deck of Rider Waite Tarot cards You will leave knowing: • A new skill • Knowing How to do basic tarot readings. • How to read the tarot intuitively If interested, please email me: [masked] The class actually ends June 4th (as it says above), but the system won't allow me to post this as the end time. About me: I have been reader for 40 + years. I have taught hundreds to read the cards intuitively. This is one of the best ways to increase your intuition, have fun, and learn a new skill. If interested, please email me at [masked] I would love to have you join me!

Dave Barnett:-Breaking Spiritual Contracts, Past Life Vows, Dark Side Agreements

First Spiritual Science Church


Please join Dave the Mystic (Dave Barnett) for a fascinating discussion of breaking spiritual/energetic contracts, releasing oaths and vows from other lifetimes and dissolving any agreements with the dark side! We have all had many lifetimes and some of those come with continuing Karmic linkages that are still affecting us today in our health, our relationships and our spiritual evolution. Some have even made or had made for them contracts with the dark side and these can be released and cleared. Dave will be giving more information about all of these and will provide some demonstrations with willing audience members. Dave has been a healer and metaphysician since the early 1980's and will provide a Q&A session at the end of his talk. David Barnett really is a rocket scientist! He has multiple technical degrees in electrical engineering, bioengineering and computer science. He also has a psychology degree. In 1983, he had a life-changing event and started delving into many areas of metaphysics and focused on energy healing. In 1999, the "big hands" came down again and since then, he has had many spiritual gifts present themselves including advanced healing methods, shamanic journeying and soul splinter return, past life reading, working with core beliefs, and performing energy and entity clearings. His gifts have been enabled through soul braiding with higher vibrational parts of his oversoul. Dave can be contacted for personal sessions at [masked] or[masked]. Dave has an office at Discover Your Spiritual Gifts, 5808 S. Rapp St., Suite 275, Littleton. Dave the Mystic also has a webradio show on healing every Monday night at 8PM Denver - please visit www.blogtalkradio.com/DavetheMystic or www.davethemystic.com . One lucky person will also win an hour session with Dave. The winner is free to select from clearing, subconscious belief statement updates, energy healing and past life information.

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