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Meet other local people interested in discussing ideas about the metaphysical. We will explore and discuss a different topic at each Meetup. Possible areas include, psychic development, Numerology, Meditation, I Ching, tarot, chakra balancing, hypnosis, aura and energy field readings and healings, astrology, psychometry, focused intention, runes, dowsing.

I also envision speakers and talks, interactive demonstrations. Group participation will be strongly encouraged.

This group is open to everyone (regardless of experience) with an interest in Metaphysics.

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Learn about Tarot Cards & Getting Information from Layouts- Ixchel Mac

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On ON ZOOM: Go to: www.zoom.com
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Ixchel Mac is a 35+ year experienced Tarot Teacher and reader. In this interesting discussion, Ixchel will talk briefly about what Tarot cards are, including a brief history, describe various layouts and what their card placement represents. She will also show you how you how to put together a story or information as if you were doing a reading.

About Ixchel: Ixchel has been reading Tarot cards for over 35 years.
As a child I was raised in bible-belt Oklahoma, she was discouraged from seeking any spiritually that conflicted with the Southern Baptist beliefs permeatin her world. Yet, her intuition told me there was more to the story and Ihe needed to followher heart.
Although her world was soaked in Baptist teaching, her grandmother sought psychic readings and utilized traditional playing cards to glean her own intuition on her life.
Ixchel soon discovered her grandmother's secret, and she divulged that their family had a long line of psychics, some hidden and some openly practicing throughout our history. When she learned this, Ixchel knew it was time listen to her heart.
Ixchel's family eventually moved to Denver, where she began taking tarot and other divination classes. It was in these classes I discovered my gift for reading the cards, and I began reading for friend in the summer of 1981. The rest, as they say, is history.

Since that timeshe IIxchel has seen thousands of clients , been awarded “Best Psychic in Denver” by Westword magazine and hA practiced Tarot reading for more than 35 years. Ixchel now give classes on the subject, and help other develop their own intuition to better suit their lives.
One lucky person will win a deck of Ixchel's favorite tarot cards.
To contact Ixchel, you can call[masked]
Or re4ach her through her website: ReadingbyIxChel.com.
Ixchel is also offering a speical $5 discount to anyone booking a fifteen minute reading on her website. through the end of October

Hoʻoponopono Hawaiian Prayer-Gayle Fowler & Kendara Laurel

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ON ZOOM: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88434942253?pwd=RjVVT3VReUtPZ0JMNmxsOVBSS0Jpdz09

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This is such a special event that Gayle and I are doing it again! Hope you can join us! We are going to be on zoom and repeat the Hoʻoponopono Hawaiian Healing Prayer 108 times (using Mala beads). Basically we will have a beautiful picture on the screen with the prayer on it and repeat the prayer 108 times. Please feel free to bring your Mala beads.

This ancient Hawaiian practice functions as a way to cause things to move back into balance or make things right. It functions as both a communication concept for reconciliation and a tool for restoring self love and balance. It roughly translates into 'move back into balance' or to 'make things right'. We think that the world is in need of balance and harmony and hope that this powerful practice can help. We would love to have you join us.

Awkwardly Zen Monthly Psychic Devp Practice with Kendara

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I am excited to be partnering with the Awkwardly Zen Meetup group (www.meetup.com/Awkwardly-Zen) to offer a monthly psychic development practice to help you develop your psychic abilities.

Everyone is psychic I have been a practicing psychic for more than 40 years and have helped countless spiritual students discover their gifts and learn how to develop them.

Awkwardly Zen and I believe that everyone has the capability to be psychic. It is just opening your mind to the possibility and learning to trust what you receive. These events will include lots of exercises and hands on practice. I really hope you will join us!

This free monthly event will be the 3rd Monday of every month at 5:00pm Pacific / 6:00pm Mountain / 7:00pm Central / 8:00pm Eastern.

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Please note: You can find a description of the four major psychic gifts at the footr of the Awkwardly Zen website (awkwardlyzen.com) under under "Event Notes". Check it out.

Take an Interlife Spiritual Journey with Spiritual Architect Douglas Pratt

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Welcome to the Interlife Spiritual Journey with Douglas Pratt.
During this presentation Doug will share details about the actual process of Interlife Spiritual Journey and how it can complement the pursuit of your spiritual path. We will actually do a guided imagery to a sacred space of yours and invite your guides to join you. We will take a few minutes for you to connect with these guides and then have them give you something meaningful to return with. There will be ample time for questions.

The session begins with guided imagery to take you to a personal sacred space. You are then introduced to or reacquainted with your spiritual guide and spiritual team. We then use your spiritual team to lead the direction of the session They may show you things or objects, take you places, take you to a pertinent past life and/or help identify any challenges which might interfere with you growth and connection. By completion of the session, you will have a clear way to reconnect with your spiritual team on your own.

ABOUT DOUG: Biography

Greetings everyone. I am a licensed psychotherapist who has been working with folks for over 30 years. I now solely focus on guiding clients to advance on their spiritual path. After training in both Past Life Regression and Life Between Life Regression, I have developed a unique approach to building connection with your spiritual team. It is the evolution of these approaches and my work with many clients and their spiritual awakenings.

My own involvement with spirit began 40 years ago when my car rolled down a mountainside 7 times. Comforted and protected by my grandmother I walked away with minimal injuries. This was a pivotal life event and propelled me to explore the non-physical world. I then began reading any book I could find referencing the afterlife and the spiritual world. I landed on the Seth books by Jane Roberts and found them to be excellent resources. I would eventually meet my spirit guides and have ongoing guidance from them as well. Their guidance leads to the services I offer. oug has two grown sons, 2 delightful grandchildren and lives with his wife Camilla in Lafayette. He loves photography and Ihas gravitated to wildlife photography the past few years.

Here is Doug's contact information:
Douglas Pratt, LCSW
321 Elm St.
Lafayette, CO. [masked]

Doug is also offering a special for a 2 hour session. The 2 hour session is normally $180 but is $160 through November, 2022

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