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Meet other local people interested in discussing ideas about the metaphysical. We will explore and discuss a different topic at each Meetup. Possible areas include, psychic development, Numerology, Meditation, I Ching, tarot, chakra balancing, hypnosis, aura and energy field readings and healings, astrology, psychometry, focused intention, runes, dowsing.

I also envision speakers and talks, interactive demonstrations. Group participation will be strongly encouraged.

This group is open to everyone (regardless of experience) with an interest in Metaphysics.

There is a $5 admission charge to pay for the space.

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Sound Healing with Seija Curtin

Althea Center for Engaged Spirituality


Bio: Seija Curtin is a Reiki Master in the Usui System of Natural Healing (original lineage), a Karuna Healing Master, is Certified in Soul Body Fusion(R) and Psycho-Emotional Kinesiology, has training in Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET), and is a recognized Divine Healing Hands Soul Healer. Her trademark curiosity led her to extensive studies in metaphysics, spiritual practices, ascended consciousness, and quantum physics, as she sought answers to the questions: what is truth, what are the possibilities of Creation, what are the reasons that we have the outcomes we do in life and what is our possibility to have more Inspired outcomes.... Everything is frequency and vibration! Recent medical research into sound vibration has been demonstrating significant results and the Mayo Clinic is even recommending this as a treatment for specific conditions! When we get out of balance and alignment as Soul, we experience dis-ease and dys-function. Sound has the capacity to return us to our true essence, get clear guidance from Divine Mind, and/or simply experience liberation and expanded consciousness. So come prepared for a sound journey, a healing experience aligning you to your next opportunities in Wholiness; an experience fully infused with Reiki in the Usui System of Natural Healing! I look forward to seeing you! Feel free to bring yoga mats, blankets and pillows to this event to enhance the experience! Seija Curtin[masked] www.ActualizedPotentials.com [masked]

Past Lives and Reincarnation with Mario Veo

First Spiritual Science Church


There is much Karma from our Past Lives...some is good, supporting us to grow and succeed, but some still remains as great challenges which, if ignored, will grow to contaminate all aspects of our life. Once we learn how to investigate our Past Lives we can clear these obstacles, and, more importantly, fulfill our potential, blossom and flourish… now this – and other future lives – will be a joyous adventure! Join us as we explore safe ways to develop our own Highest Potential About your Facilitator - Mario C. Veo was born in Italy and grew up in Africa. From a young age he had deep and personal experiences with Spirit and Higher Beings, often communicating with departed souls. His quest for understanding this greater reality led him to seek out Masters and Spiritual Teachers from around the world. He has travelled extensively throughout India, studying and in pilgrimage, always seeking to refine his training. He is a Spiritual Counselor and Healer, a senior T’ai Chi and Chi Gong instructor, Feng Shui Master, and Shaman Initiate. He is in private practice in Denver where he teaches Spiritual and Metaphysical classes, and guides Seekers on their personal Path of Transformation and Empowerment. He can be reached at[masked] / email [masked] / website YourPathtoSpirit.com

Come Learn the I Ching with Kendara

Althea Center for Engaged Spirituality


The I Ching is a wonderful form of divination going back to Confucius. By throwing coins and asking questions the seeker is able to connect with their Higher Self and get the answers they need. I have been a student of the I Ching, having been introduced to it my Howard Badhand, a Lakota Sioux Medicine man and Spiritual Advisor. Over 30 years ago. I finds the simplicity and accuracy of the I Ching to be uncanny. In fact, it is the only form of reading I give myself. The famous Psychologist, Carl Jung, called the I Ching ‘A Book for Lovers of Self Wisdom’. Confucius is supposed to have said, at age 70, ‘If I had 70 years left to live, I would use it to study the I Ching. In this class you will learn about the History and Philosophy of the I Ching. How to Do An I Ching Reading. How to ask questions and interpret the answers. Upon registration you will be sent a list of I Ching Books. You are asked to buy and bring one to class. Everything else is provided. I am beyond excited to share this with you. So sign up today for an incredible adventure and new knowledge. Space is limited, so please sign up today to reserve yours. I would love to have you join me. Please email me to register and for more information [masked]

Beloved Channeled Messages w/Susanah Magdalena

Althea Center for Engaged Spirituality


Susanah is an Open Channel bringing forth messages offering Wisdom & Understanding. Her channeling began as Channel & High Priestess of Mary, The Magdalene and expanded a few years ago when she was shown she is an ‘open channel’. This means she has opened herself within the parameters of her ‘team’ regarding what is allowed to come through. In this, that which is within the highest and best comes through with ease and grace. Susanah opens the time together with a message for all from Mary, The Magdalene. Depending on the size of the group and the time allowed, she will bring forth individual messages as guided. As a collective joining, there is no coincidence. What is often found is that the individual messages relate to others in the group. Most find this to be a profound experience of empowered enlightenment. Susanah Magdalena is the Proprietress of The Beloved Heart Source in Westminster, CO. She is the Creator of the Healing Path of The Rose Teaching. She is primarily a Teacher as Teaching Wisdom of Understanding comes through in all she does and offers. She is a Kabbalist, Tarot Enthusiast, and Aromatherapist. She has been called by the Archangel Michael as “Battler Healer | Healer of Warriors”. She has been called by Mary, The Magdalene, Channel & High Priestess. She has been shown she is Cheaylia – KeyHolder to the ‘Lost’ Memories of Lemuria. Mainly, she is one who searches to bring Truth through in all of its shining glory. Susanah brings all she is to you at this gathering. To find out more about Susanah Tamar Magdalena: www.thebelovedheartsource.com www.healingpathoftherose.com Like/Join The Beloved Heart Source on Facebook, Meetup & YourTube. Join Beloved Heart Source on Instagram. To Contact Susanah: [masked]

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