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Creating Inner Awareness, new understanding of past lives & Karma- Robert Blond

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In this 2 hour class you will get to explore so many possibilities of you deep nature, the infinite Being that you are; to come more from the 'witness' within yourself or what is referred to as 'non-dualistic awareness'. The first part will be focused on what it is like to coming from inner awareness. The letting go of judgments, dramas, loss or gain, success or failure, the stories that the 'little' mind creates for itself. To be able to show up fully as your Inner Self. The second part will be on the deeper nature of karma and reincarnation. How does karma really work? How do you free yourself from karma? Also, how does your 'past' relate to present time? Finally, Robert will demonstrate how you have alway been here and will always be here by doing a Edgar Cayce Style Past Life Reading for someone in the group! This will be quite fun, adventuresome, and enlightening!

Bio.: Robert has been teaching classes on Self-Awareness, Mysticism and Metaphysics since 1977. he is a teacher of Kriya Yoga, Raja yoga, and lover of life. He has given over 10,000 readings in the Edgar Cayce Style since 1978, both past life readings and health reading. Robert is also a body-centered psychotherapist in the Hakomi tradition. Lastly, Robert the founder of the Self-Actualization and Enlightenment Center which was started n 1979.You can contact Robert at Visit his website at for a full listing of event times for both Edgar Cayce Style Readings and classes for October and November 2013.

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