The Shift, Ascension, Multidimensionality. ABC’s of Global Change, Chris Guleff

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I Ching, Human Design & Gene Keys Consultant
• Have you been hearing about The Shift, Ascension, or Multidimensionality and wonder what it is all about?
• What is behind the chaotic, escalating change taking place in social, political and spiritual systems worldwide?
• Are changes in the workplace, personal relationships and daily living once routine and predictable suddenly presenting unexpected challenges?
• You’re not alone if you feel changes in energy levels, unexplained aches and pains, physical discomfort, headaches, energy flowing up the spine, unusual emotions, or strange sleep patterns!
• On the positive side you might feel drawn to new interests, ideas and lifestyles such as seeking natural or holistic means for physical, emotional and spiritual well-being?
All of these, my friend, are signs of the next step in the evolution of humankind. We are going through a time of transition in human consciousness (admittedly chaotic) from an individual- and tribal-centered society focused on competition, to an existence focused on the collective, bringing everyone together in a spirit of cooperation.

Much of the vocabulary is esoteric and overwhelming. The talk of going from a 3-dimensional existence, through a 4th dimensional state to evolve into a 5th dimensional reality can sound pretty “out-there” and “woo-woo”!!! What Chris will do in this talk is bring these topics down to a simpler, conversational level so that you can grasp the substance of these ideas.

Included will be an exercise in which you will find your own level of readiness on the “Ascension Consciousness Scale” which we will do with a pendulum. And as always, Chris will have a number of personally-designed handouts to take with you for later reference.

BIO Chris Guleff is an “amateur mystic” embracing Hermit and Fool in exploring realms of spirit and the rich fabric of life. His readings are conversational in style. As wounded healer and empath he can help you find healing from emotionally-difficult experiences and periods of darkness in life through powerful Psychic Tarot consultations or help you learn how best to cope with major life changes using the ancient Chinese I Ching oracle which he has studied and consulted for 40 years. You may contact Chris at[masked] [masked] or visit