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Welcome to 22-23! We are once again meeting in person AND virtually. Accelerated Schools has graciously offered their school for our meetups for this year. We are so excited for this year and to bring you some exciting speakers.

Denver Metro Specialized Education Support for Parents (SES) is designed by parents and professionals to support parents of k-12 children with special needs. We meet the first Thursday of the month September through May. The co-hosts provide a safe place to learn how to better support your child, work with the schools, and support yourself. It will also be a safe place to voice your concerns, find other parents, and find other services you may not know about.

The agenda for our time will be:
- Introductions............15 minutes
- Topic.........................30 minutes
- Q&A..........................15 minutes
- Hot Topics................15 minutes
- Networking..............15 minutes

This meetup is sponsored monthly by
Learning Differences World

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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The What, Why and Who: Knowing Which Therapies/Providers are Best for Your Child

Following a diagnosis, parents of autistic children face an overwhelming deluge of therapies, treatments and other types of support. At best, families are given long, faceless lists of providers with confusing and conflicting advice about which therapies are needed. How can you find the best way forward? This presentation will give attendees a basic understanding of the different types of therapy available, and provide tips to help parents find the best providers for their child.

Erin Schneider is the founder and CEO of Mountain Summit Consulting & Parent Coaching. The mother of an autistic son, Erin is intimately familiar with the obstacles and challenges families face getting the right help for their autistic children. Backed by extensive personal and professional experience, and aligned with a vast network of providers and services, Erin understands what families are going through and what tools are available to support them. As a parent coach, Erin is passionate about giving families the tools and support they need to find success, not only for their autistic child, but for parents and siblings, as well. She has shared her expertise and presented for many groups focused on helping children and adults with disabilities. Erin is based in Colorado and offers her parent coaching services nationwide.

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The Sensory-Cognitive Connection between Reading & Math

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Does math strike fear in the heart of your child? Is math homework a daily struggle? Does your child seem to grasp a math concept one day and forget it the next? Learn how the underlying sensory-cognitive functions of reading and math are related and gain insight into why your child may struggle with math in this interactive presentation with Lindamood-Bell Learning Center Director Jessica Ackels.

Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes' research-validated instructional programs strengthen reading, comprehension, and math skills by developing the sensory-cognitive functions that form the foundation of learning. The On Cloud Nine® Math Program provides sensory-cognitive development of numeral imagery and concept imagery to improve mathematical concepts and computation. Dual coding with imagery and language is introduced with manipulatives, and is then extended to computation and the ability to think and reason with numbers.

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Family caregiving is a job! You can get paid for it!

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Parents with children who have special needs have the opportunity to get paid for being a caregiver. We know from personal experience how difficult caregiving can be. Being a family caregiver can be life changing for your entire family and improve the care that your loved kiddo receives.

Parents raising and taking care of their own children with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (IDD, autism, cerebral palsy, motor impairment, medically fragile, etc.) can be part of a family CNA program through Medicaid.

Wellspring is committed to helping parents provide the best care for their children for years to come.

Aaron Van Dam, is an executive nurse leader who has a background in both pediatric acute inpatient and outpatient autism care at Children’s Hospital Colorado. His clinical experience includes Pediatric Critical Care and Clinical Risk Management. He is based out of Denver, Colorado. He strives for innovative nursing care that supports families in their healthcare journey. He has driven best practice at state and national levels and is quality focused and data driven with innovative care approaches. He received his Bachelors of Science in Nursing from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and his Masters of Science in Nursing Leadership from the University of Colorado. Aaron is the Director of Nursing at Wellspring, where the mission is to help families in Colorado provide the best care possible for their children with special needs. Wellspring is committed to providing financial, emotional, and medical support when it matters most.

Light snacks will be provided for this meetup by Wellspring.

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