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This meetup is for people that want practice drawing other peoples' faces. The idea is that we meet in a coffee shop (usually at St. Marks on Saturday mornings, or Wednesday nights) with our sketch pads and other art stuff. We are all simultaneously drawing; the trick is to hold your head still so that you can be drawn by others. Each artist is drawing another artist, in increments of 20 minutes, then we switch subjects. The goal is to get to meet other portrait artists and gain portrait drawing experience for free (except the coffee, pastries, frittata etc. tip your barista!)

We don't do a formal critique, as I am keeping this group anxiety-friendly, but it's fun to show your drawing, if you choose, to your subject. This is not a class and we do not hire a model. At the "drinking and drawing" sessions we do not use a timer and it's even more of a social-hour.

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November Zoom Drawing

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Hello drawers and other artsy folk!
Dee is helping by generously using her Zoom account to host. We will get the link on this event soon. You will have to download Zoom on your computer if you have not done that yet.

-We will for volunteers each 'round' and they'll hold still while you 'pin' their video feed and draw them for 20 minutes. They can also draw while 'posing' but will remain very still.
-If you have lots of background noise be courteous by muting your mic when you're not talking
-Have extra patience and give extra grace to others during this time.

If this is your first time joining us know that:
-There is no level of drawing expertise expected! Beginners welcome. This group is for anyone with any level of interest in drawing people's faces, and in any medium.
-Please do not remark on aspect of other people's appearances that they did not choose. No: "I would kill to have your eyes! You have radiant skin. Nice curls" Yes: "Cool earrings" This is a rule meant to keep everyone feeling comfortable.
-I know it's hard joining a new group, and especially on Zoom where only one person can really be talking at a time. Know that I am so happy you're joining us and I hope we can make space to get to know you, but I also don't want to put you too much on the spot!

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