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"Round Robin" Networking Happy Hour
• What we'll do Welcome to the Denver Professional Networking Happy Hour! We want you to have fun while making quality contacts to help grow your businesses and professional network. Unlike many meet-ups, the format for this Meet-Up is one-on-one. Think of it as "speeding dating" meets "round robin" networking...with drink in hand. It is happy hour after all. Depending on the number of attendees, you will meet 8 - 15 other people. Typically, you will have a chance to sit down one-on-one with at least half the room. You'll also have some time at the end to grab someone you didn't have a round-robin chat with or to talk more in depth with those who impacted you and schedule one-on-one coffee or lunches to get to know each other better. A highlight of this meet-up is the location as well. A new hot spot, The Solutions Lounge is the first and only live-action escape room venue in Denver with a full restaurant and bar. We will rotate between the main lounge to the right of the bar and the private dining room to the left of the dining room/bar. At some point, we will take advantage of the Escapology opportunities at a future Meet-Up. Wondering: what is Escapology? At Solutions Lounge and Restaurant, guests may spend their time solving a mysterious and intriguing live-action puzzle in one of seven thrill-seeking "escape rooms." These are great opportunities for Team Building and Client events, so the venue could have future use for you individually as well. This is not to be missed! Join us on the first Wednesday of every month from 5:00 - 6:30pm at Denver's Solutions Lounge and Restaurant for Drinks, Networking, and Fun! • What to bring Excitement and business cards • Important to know This Meet-Up is totally FREE. Guests have the option to purchase their own drinks and food, tour the unique venue, and meet other like-minded professionals.

Solutions Lounge and Restaurant

2220 California Street · Denver

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Are you looking to expand your network, meet new people in and out of your current industry, and learn about new opportunities and businesses? The Denver Professional Networking Group is for you!

This group focuses on intentional networking to build professional connections that will help each other grow our businesses, client base, and reach. You will have a chance to meet and talk with everyone who attends the monthly meeting, and we encourage you to set follow-up small group or one-on-one professional dates to learn more about each other and how you may be able to help each other professionally. The Denver Professional Meet-Up is just as much about adding to your own network as it is about contributing and building other's. Give and you shall receive. Come with a friendly, open attitude; a willingness to learn, share, and help others; and a stack of business cards!

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