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Short Stories to Imagine...Reverse Dungeon...RSVP please
The goblins succeeded in thwarting the adventurers....this time...but what if there are more? We will be doing one shots and mini shots until we can settle into another game setting. A few ideas were discussed and expressed about what kind of game to get into next. All are welcome and suggestions are accepted. One suggestion was post-apocalyptic, others are spoofs, Deathrace style, Speed style, steampunk, space travel and more. This game is Reverse Dungeon. That's right. You all play goblins and stop an adventuring party from getting into your stronghold. Good Luck! Come on down and see what happens. NOTE: 2nd and 4th Fridays are off days even if the listing shows on the schedule

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Welcome to the Denver RPG meet-up Group!

We are a diverse group of gamers and GMs in Colorado who delight in playing a wide variety of tabletop role-playing games in various editions from D&D to Warhammer 40,000 to Savage Worlds to Protocol and anything in between that our players are willing to play!

The primary objective for this meetup is to act as a clearinghouse or “matchmaker” between GMs and players, or smaller groups seeking additional members, or for starting up whole new groups. New players are always welcome, even if you have never played a tabletop RPG before, please just RSVP to your event and let us know you are new to gaming, or to a specific game system or edition and we’ll help you to get into the game.

We also cross list special gaming events and conventions for your reference, however most of those have their registration processes which we link to. Colorado is a great state for gaming and there is typically one special event a month, sometimes more! Watch for these events as they are a great way to meet other gamers and spend time sharing your love of gaming with your community.

If you are interested in having games put up on our calendar please review the "so you want to be an event organizer" post on the message board, then email the group organizers (preferably several) and we’ll be happy to help you figure it out.

Finally, not every group is the right fit for every person. People have fun in different ways and with thousands of gamers in our group there are lots of styles out there. Check out one of our organizer's posts on gaming blog Gnome Stew to help articulate your expectations and find a group that is the right fit for you.

Now let’s start gaming….

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