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Pathfinder Home Brew Game

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Welcome to a Home Brew version of Pathfinder. This will be a game world of my own creation. The scene is set by the party members heading from their respective countries to a remote island that has recently been discovered and colonized. There's one city that claims no allegiance to a single king/emperor/queen. The city's name is Jungleside. It began being established around 10 years ago when the call for adventurers came across the nearby kingdoms and islands. People rushed to build a new life there. Some as adventurers, some as shopkeepers, guards, farmers, and some to get away from their lives for whatever reasons they wish to keep secret.

The Jungleside governor, a male Elf by the name of Torotheen, allows anyone to come into his city as citizens as long as they provide his city with some type of value. Become an adventurer, a crafter, an explorer, a farmer, a fisherman, or something else. You are not allowed to stay in his city as a freeloader, those get exported elsewhere after a couple of months. He doesn't charge taxes to adventurers as long as they spend their money in the city. You will be charged a tax to purchase or sell something off the island. Ships come in every 2-3 months with supplies and people.

In the last year or so, the exploration beyond the first day or two away from the city began. During this time, people have found jungle, and the things that jungles provide, such as hides and herbs. This is where the adventurers come into play.


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