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Children of the Mists (Pathfinder)

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(This is a parallel campaign to my game in progress, In The Mists; players in that group should not join this one.)

"It's said that when the mists get to be their worst, as the creatures close in, a shape can be seen toward the sky... While any sane man would think it's coming to eat you, anyone who's seen it says there's a sense of serenity in it's presence, that you feel as though everything will be alright. Only problem I see is that no one knows as what it is - anyone who's been close enough to see it has either never come away alive, or for some reason, just doesn't want to talk about it..."

What to bring:
- Pencil
- Charactersheet
- Dice

My ADM and I usually do dinner-and-a-game, which generally means we'll concoct some sort of delicious main course and ask any players that feel so inclined to bring along soda/chips/etc. If the group would rather deal with food in their own way, that's works too.

This will be on the alternating Sundays of the In The Mists campaign, which will be going to Sundays on Dec 2nd. That game does Remedial starting at Noon, and game starts at 1:00p. Starting date is up for negotiation, but normal game day isn't.

The players of this campaign will be in the nameless world, which was swallowed by the mist that kills and wreaks havoc and chaos, but it will not start tied to a city; that's not to say you won't be in any, just not starting in one. This game will run entirely parallel to the other campaign, meaning actions of one group could have bearings on the experience of the other, and that I may orchestrate an encounter between the groups.

- Level 1
- 2 Flaws (We use but if you can think of a comparable one, take it), each flaw gives 1 bonus feat.
- Stats are rolled @ 4 d6, drop the lowest
- 2 traits
- All Paizo Base/Core/Alternate classes and all Core races are allowed without explicit approval
- Class starting gold

Feel free to comment with questions!