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What we’re about

This group is member-only and private. Since members may be dealing with sensitive issues, we have elected to make it visible only to those who join the group. In addition, the purpose of this group is for healing and moving forward and not for dating.
Are you "starting over again"? If you or someone you know has ended or is about to end a committed relationship, the “Rebuilding“ program may be exactly what you need. Rebuilding began over 30 years ago in Colorado and nearly 750,000 people worldwide have completed the 10-week program. 
Rebuilding has been found to be a major key to healing after a relationship ends. It is one of the leading resources for relationship recovery internationally and it is taught around the world in 18 different languages.  Because of its proven track record of success, established professionals regularly recommend "Rebuilding" to their clients.
In the meantime, feel free to contact Kevin at 720-358-9300 or email me at for more information.