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How does one live a good life?

This simple question can be surprisingly difficult to answer. Yet not taking an honest try at answering it (or even worse: ignoring the question entirely) can lead to the risk of misliving one's life. One of the main goals of ancient philosophy in the West was to help guide people in answering this question rigorously and well, and then helping people to live in accordance with their life's philosophy (literally "the love of wisdom").

One of the most successful and influential schools of thought in the ancient world which addressed this question was Stoicism. Stoicism taught that by cultivating personal excellence ('arete' in Greek) was all that was needed to lead a good life and flourish as a human being ('eudaimonia' in ancient Greek). To do this, the ancient Stoics taught a host of practices and a sophisticated theory of mind to help the Stoic student on the path to eudaimonia. Stoic philosophy had a huge influence on the West, from helping shape early Christianity to being a strong influence on the modern psychological movement of cognitive-behavioral therapy.

But Stoic philosophy is not only useful for those in the ancient world. For instance, James Stockdale has cited Stoic philosophy as helping him cope with the horrors of being a prisoner of war in Vietnam. Also, the University of Exeter in the UK has conducting pilot studies starting in 2012 of the effect of Stoic practices on various measures psychological well-being with promising preliminary results. Stoicism can be of great use to people in our modern era.

The goal of this meetup is to introduce Stoic philosophy as a way of life to people interested in living a more meaningful, tranquil life and to support experienced students of Stoic philosophy in their practice. While many of the meetups will be focused around reading, this is not a group for disengaged study of ancient philosophy from an academic perspective. Instead, this is a group for helping people to put Stoic philosophy into practice in their daily lives, so they can live the best life they can.

Are you ready to attempt to live a more tranquil, meaningful, and happy life? Then join us today!

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Coffee and Conversation

Denver Public Library: Bob Ragland Branch, Community Room E

This is a group to discuss philosophy, the academic study of knowledge, existence, beauty, and morality among other things. We have a particular focus on the tradition of Stoicism, but the conversation will go wherever it goes.

Please come with discussion questions ready, anything you've been thinking about, or been wondering about. Try to frame your thoughts as a question. We will pick our topic at the beginning of the meeting according to our collective interests.

I look forward to meeting you!

We will have coffee and some basic cups. Please bring a mug if you can. Also please donate a small amount to help with the minimal expenses of buying and bringing coffee to the meetup. I will not provide any sweetener/creamer, so bring that if you want it.

Disclaimer: This event is not sponsored by Denver Public Library. For more information, please contact me at[masked]

Philosophy Lunch and Book Club

Left Hand RiNo Drinks & Eats

Reading Assignment: A New Stoicism by Lawrence C. Becker
Part 1 & the Preface to the Revised Edition

This is a group committed to the study of philosophy, the academic discipline concerning itself with knowledge, reason, language, existence, value, and beauty. We have a particular interest in the tradition of stoicism, but any philosophy is potentially on the table. These lunch meetings are an extension of the Coffee and Conversation meetings that are held in person every other Saturday. We will meet immediately after the first Coffee and Conversation each month.

We are beginning with A New Stoicism by Lawrence C. Becker. In the future we will choose new books by preference vote with a rank choice vote to break ties.

Please complete the assigned reading (or at least make a good faith effort to do so) before the meeting. Even if you didn't finish it, please come and have lunch with us anyways.


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It seems like being selfish and selfless acts are at odds with one another. But what if they are not? Is it possible to be selfishly selfless? In this meetup we will discuss what it means to be selfish and if there are ways to channel our self centered instincts into something useful for others.

No preparation is necessary, just be prepared to share your thoughts.

If you'd like to participate in discussions about new topics or digging deeper on something, we now have a discord: https://discord.gg/RZPDPSWMGV


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Love is one of those words that seems easy to define and yet we carve love up in so many ways: brotherly love, romantic love, platonic love, familiar love, obsessive love, etc. So, how best should we define love and how can we use it to live a better life? In this meetup we will discuss how love impacts us as we both receive it and give it.

*** Fair warning in advance! My wife and I own a restaurant and Valentines Day may be a challenge for me to step out and do the meetup. I'll try to find backup facilitator in advance, but it's possible this meetup doesn't materialize but it won't be for a lack of effort.

No preparation is necessary, just be prepared to share your thoughts.

If you'd like to participate in discussions about new topics or digging deeper on something, we now have a discord: https://discord.gg/RZPDPSWMGV

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