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The Ten Sephiroth: Kether, the Crown

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Tarot Geeks is gearing up to repeat the two-year cycle of a very in-depth look into tarot and qabalah.

We’ll start with ten sessions on the ten sephiroth of the Tree of Life and their correspondences to the cards. Then we’ll progress on to the 22 Paths and their association with the Majors.

Every session includes an overview of the topic, discussion, and practical card work to see how this energy plays out in our lives.

Qabalah is a mystical philosophy that explores metaphorical representations of the Divine to serve as examples of how we can connect with Spirit. Tarot is an intuitive tool that allows our subconscious to communicate with our consciousness. Together, these systems allow us to explore our previously veiled connection to Godhead and find our personal path to enlightenment.

In our first session, we'll start with the four aces of the tarot and their relationship to Kether, the crown, the first sephirah of the Tree of Life. Kether is the first emanation from godhead--it is not the Divine, but is the first reflection of the Divine which is within our ability to achieve a glimpse of comprehension. Cosmologically, it is the primum mobile. In what way are the aces analogous to this symbology? We'll discuss this and explore how the aces cause the first whirlings in our own lives.