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Calling all User Experience newbies!

Whether you're studying UX, looking for your first role, or just getting started in your first job, this Meetup is designed for you, by people like you. We are a collective looking to connect, collaborate, and co-mingle with other folks just starting out in the UX field or with 1-3 years experience.

We can lift each other up!

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The Art of a Half-Decent Portfolio and How to Present It

A light-hearted take on a serious topic: how do you even show off your work as a designer? Often one of the more daunting parts of getting hired is figuring out how to sell yourself and your design work. In this talk, Kian will walk us through how he frames his work at Facebook, and how you can create a compelling narrative for yourself. Whether it's to get a job or just to influence others, learning how to make a portfolio piece is never easy. This talk aims to make that process a little less painful. About the speaker: Kian is a designer, ethicist, and photographer at Facebook right now, where he works on building transparency and controls for the Privacy team. When he's not giving talks about topics he's wildly under-qualified for, he's usually out doing street photography in Oakland or petting his black cat, Raja.

Partner Event:(SDXD & Tiled) Writing how it works-Get your team on the same page

Details How often have you collaborated with cross-functional teammates on designs, prototypes, or wireframes, only to get the question “what happens next?” or “what happens here?” It happens to all of us, especially now that most of us are working remotely. Collaboration is just that much harder (as if it wasn't challenging enough already). Things that we could previously quickly cover in a conversation now require...typing, Zoom calls, and extra notation. But there is a solution! In this interactive workshop, we’ll highlight a technique to concisely and accurately describe how your product responds to user interaction. You’ll learn about the Gherkin stories framework and pro tips to write crystal clear interaction scenarios Then you'll practice these new skills through activities and a super fun emoji app you'll want to share with your friends. ABOUT OUR SPEAKER Brian works at ServiceNow as a Product Manager for workflow automation products. Previously, he co-founded Arthur, an agency that specializes in design strategy and UX for SaaS products. Brian and his wife recently had their first daughter, Sable. Whenever Brian is not spending time with Sable, he’s always looking for new challenges. Currently, they include beach volleyball, new languages (Spanish and Esperanto), and improving at chess. He’s also a spreadsheet nerd, and recently built a “mad-lib meets choose-your-own-adventure” product to create short, unique children's stories (ask him about it). SPONSORED BY TILED Meet Tiled: a microapp platform that empowers brands to create interactive content experiences that inspire action. Deliver fully immersive brand stories to your audience and deliver real business impact — no code required, just creativity!

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