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Welcome to Denver Vegans!

We are here to celebrate the beautiful, compassionate, healthy and sustainable vegan lifestyle! Join our loving community of diverse vegans and vegans-in-transition. We welcome people of all ages and lifestyles.

Denver Vegans exists to:

• Build and sustain a strong, diverse and loving community for vegans of all ages and lifestyles.

• Teach non-vegans about the philosophical, nutritional and environmental aspects of the vegan lifestyle.

• Encourage and support those in transition from the animal-based diet to the vegan diet.

• Spread awareness about the plight of animals and to work for animal liberation.

• Inspire, encourage and sustain the individual to reach out to their local community for a sustainable and vegan world.

Are you curious about veganism, or do you wonder what vegans eat? Then please join us! We offer monthly potlucks, picnics, educational talks and seminars with topics ranging from vegan nutrition to environmental sustainability, restaurant outings, cooking and raw food demos, pizza night, trips to animal sanctuaries, outreach events, animal activism opportunities, volunteering events, book signings and book clubs, hikes and outdoor activities and much more!

Join us and get connected!

For the animals, for the people, for the planet, The Denver Vegans Leadership Team

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Readin' Vegans--"The Population Bomb"

Online event

For our May 25 online book club we'll discuss the classic THE POPULATION BOMB, by Paul R. and Anne Ehrlich (Ballantine Books, 1968). You need not have attended a previous discussion to join us for this one. We'll discuss the book until about 8:30, followed by open conversation.

The Zoom link to the discussion is posted on the right, visible to those who RSVP. You will need a computer, laptop, smartphone or other device with internet access. It's pretty easy; if you're curious, check out https://zoom.us/. We'll be available from 6:50 on to help anyone who might need extra time to connect. If you can't get on, call us at[masked]. We hope to "see" you there!

If you'd like to read ahead: for our June 22 meeting, we'll discuss WE ARE THE WEATHER: SAVING THE PLANET BEGINS AT BREAKFAST, by Jonathan Safran Foer.

In 1968, the best-seller THE POPULATION BOMB, written by Paul and Anne Ehrlich (but credited solely to Paul) warned of the perils of overpopulation: mass starvation, societal upheaval, environmental deterioration. The book was criticized at the time for painting an overly dark picture of the future. But while not all of the Ehrlichs' dire predictions have come to pass, the world’s population has doubled since then, to over seven billion, straining the planet’s resources and heating up our climate. Can the earth continue to support an ever-increasing number of humans?
The authors clearly describe our crisis in all respects--air, food, water, birth control, death control, and environmental impact. They also provide a realistic evaluation of our remaining options.

You may be interested to listen to--or read the transcript of--a conversation with Paul Ehrlich on the book's 50th anniversary:

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Readin' Vegans--"Jefferson's Daughters"

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