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Do you like wrestling with meaningful questions? Do you like hopilicious local brew? How about enjoying both at the same time? Denver Brew Theology is a diverse community filled with a mosaic of amazing people across the religious/ nonreligious and interfaith spectrum. We hold organized weekly conversations at a local brewpub. DBT is a growing community that gathers around an eclectic table with rad moderators keeping the convo flowing over some brewtastic CO craft brew. We brew up some zesty topics and relevant questions ranging from Christianity to Atheism, Buddhism to Judaism, etc. along with kicking around conversations pertaining to science, philosophy, sex, gender, race, politics, socio-economic and justice-centric issues.

We are very open and honest - everything is on the table. If you're going to get bent out of shape if someone questions what you think, maybe this isn't the place for you. Some of the greatest theological conversations throughout history have happened at local pubs. Let's keep that tradition alive. We find that even in our disagreements and differing beliefs, DBT is a safe, ecumenical community that values one another. We find common ground in our shared humanity and are strangely yet remarkably unified by being together.

In addition to the weekly pub talk, and during non-COVID times, we offer ongoing socials like pool parties and potlucks and plug non-profit events and interfaith movements on a regular basis for more common ground and common good fun. We also publish a podcast, the Brew Theology Podcast, which is a microcosm of our weekly gatherings in half the time. We affirm all people, and everyone's voice truly matters. We simply ask that everyone be respectful, loving and gracious toward his or her fellow Denver Brew Theologian. We are the "home base" to #BrewTheology, an alliance/ network with chapters across the country (www.brewtheology.org). Denver as well. See ya at the pub soon.



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Remix: What's the deal with Interfaith? (Live & on Zoom)

Table Public House

Hi all,

Join us as we remix the topic of Interfaith! We discuss a bit of its history through the Parliament of the World's Religions and your experiences. This is really what our group is about.

Also, we will be meeting in person and indoors since the weather is getting cooler. We will offer the Zoom option for folks to join and will have a dedicated Zoom table for conversation if enough people join online. Details below and see you there!


Date: Thursday 10/28/2021
Time: 7:30 P.M.
Curriculum: www.brewtheology.org/weekly-meetings (Password:"brew")
Location: The Table Public House & Zoom
Zoom Address: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81545937209

*Zoom Option - While the group is able to meet in public, we will also offer hybrid participation that includes a dedicated mic/speaker for clearer audio. If we have enough people join us online, we will have an online only table.

This week, we'll dive into interfaith and why it matters to our group. We'll talk about some of the basic principles behind interfaith work, including pluralism, deep ecumenism, and how these are all a part of the interfaith world.

This weekend was the 8th Parliament of the World's Religions. (The largest interfaith gathering in the world.) We'll look at some of the larger priorities of the interfaith community and talk about how we take our interfaith commitments and turn them into action.

Finally, we want to know how interfaith has been meaningful to you. Please bring any interfaith experiences/stories you have had. We want to hear them!

This is sure to be a fun night and helps us attach back to the roots of Denver Brew Theology!

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