Improving Quality Deployments with Spinnaker and Gremlin

Denver DevOps Meetup
Denver DevOps Meetup
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Many companies have successfully integrated continuous integration into their company's development processes. As they look to continue the automation of delivering applications, they are targeting tools and integrations to shift their SRE processes to the left. In this talk, we will get an overview of Spinnaker, the open-source continuous delivery project from Netflix, from Armory. We will look at the different deployment models that companies like JPMC, Target, and CapitalOne are using to increase application delivery speeds while ensuring SLAs and SLOs. We will discuss chaos engineering and how this plays a role in securing your applications while providing higher confidence and trust within your teams moving forward. We will demonstrate the integration between Spinnaker and Gremlin to show you how you change your processes internally to one of command and control to trust and deliver.
Speaker: Lee Faus
About Lee:
Lee has been in information technology for over 20 years. He has been a teacher, mentor, and consultant focused on information technology value through enterprise application integration and application modernization. His experiences span verticals including transportation, healthcare, financial services, telecommunications, and insurance. Information technology should be an enabler to simplify business processes by automating tasks and enhancing decision support. He is an advocate of open source by contributing to projects at Apache, Eclipse, and Fedora. He currently works at []( working with customers to streamline their application delivery workflow and mentor companies on git, CI and CD best practices.