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How to be an Android Expert

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"How to be an Android Expert" by Chiu-Ki Chan

Think of an Android expert. Why do you consider this person an expert? “She knows a lot about Android”, you say. But how do you know? You know because she shares her knowledge, through blogs, talks, StackOverflow etc.

Experts are just that, people who share their knowledge. Sharing puts you in a positive feedback loop: the more you share, the more knowledgeable you become. Let me walk you through some concrete steps you can take to start sharing and build up your expertise.

About Chiu-Ki Chan

Chiu-Ki is an Android developer with a passion in sharing her knowledge. She blogs about Android, speaks about Android, draws about Android, and makes videos about Android. She is very active in the Android community, and has been recognized as a Google Developer Expert for her extensive knowledge in Android.

About the Droids

Each 3rd Wednesday of the month, we meet at IBM in the DTC or at POSSIBLE Mobile downtown (quarterly). From 5:30-6pm we will socialize and enjoy food and drinks. At 6pm we will typically have a speaker giving a presentation about an interesting and informative Android development topic. If you are a new or experienced Android developer, or just someone that is curious about Android development, we hope you will join us and become a regular participant!
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