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Thanksgiving Lunch Buffet at Warren Tech Culinary Arts School
Join us for a gourmet Lunch Buffet at Pi Restaurant on Wednesday, November 14th at 12:15 PM. It is located at the Warren Tech Campus. The Culinary Arts Program serves a gourmet breakfast twice a year and lunch on two days once a month. Warren Tech is the premier Career and Technical Education center for Jeffco Public Schools. They are widely recognized as an educational and technological leader, with students who competitively meet the challenges of the global community. Lunch Buffet price: $16.00 + tax per person (beverage and gratuity are not included) Beverage is an extra $2.00 PLEASE NOTE: When you RSVP, you will automatically be placed on a waitlist and I will manually move you to confirmed status as long as you include your phone number within the RSVP link. After you click, "Yes" that you would like to attend, you will have an opportunity to add your phone number directly into the RSVP. By doing it this way, the only person that can see your phone number is the organizer and no one else. If you do not include your phone number, unless you know I positively have it because I have taken a photo of you when I added you to my cell phone list, you will not be bumped up to confirmed. A day or two before the event, I will contact you to confirm that you are still able to make it. If someone bows out last minute, the next person on the waitlist will be contacted via a phone call to see if they can make it. RSVP's open: Wednesday, October 31 at 7:00 PM. RSVP Rule: It is important that people who have a confirmed RSVP are reliable, in order to be fair to others on the wait list as well as the restaurant. If you have had a change of plans, please go to the Fun on a Budget Meetup website and cancel your RSVP. If you do not cancel your RSVP and do not show up, you will be marked as a, “No Show.” Two, “No Shows” in a one year period will result in your being removed from this group without notice.

Warren Tech

13300 W 2nd Pl · Lakewood