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Denver IBD® Meetup - November 2018

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This MeetUp Group will be dedicated to learning and sharing the IBD® CAN SLIM® stock investing methodology based on the book by William J. O'Neil, How to Make Money In Stocks .

These techniques demand a fair amount of time and dedication to master. They are for an active investor.

C – Current Quarterly Earnings per Share: The Higher Growth, the Better
A – Annual Earnings Increases: It’s not just about 1 or 2 quarters, but sustained growth
N – New Products, New Management, New Highs: Don’t forget the New Highs part
S – Supply and Demand: This is where technical analysis (chart reading) comes into play
L – Leader or Laggard: Buy what’s leading the market and best in breed in an industry
I – Institutional Sponsorship: Big funds (mutual/hedge, pensions, and banks) drive the market, so buy what they buy (or at least buy what the good funds buy)
M – Market Direction: Often the most overlooked, but probably the most critical to success

Keep a positive attitude about stocks and the market in general, but remain as objective as possible about these factors. Remember that not all factors will be perfect in any stock and try to weigh the various factors in decision making.


This is a volunteer group. It is for learning purposes only. There is no investment advice given whatsoever. Everyone is responsible for making their own investment decisions. No one shall rely upon anything discussed by members or guests of this group for making any investment decisions. This applies to any information whether provided on this website, in any emails, at any meetings or anywhere else.

Meeting Information:

Agenda items will vary, but our typical meeting includes:

Announcements & a Group Barometer poll of current trading and market conditions
A presentation of current Market Health conditions
A training presentation (Portfolio / Money Management, Chart School, Trading Examples, Trading Psychology, Trading Diary / Daily Routines etc.)

The goal of each meeting is to increase our investment performance through collaboration with our peers, staying in sync with current market conditions, and improving our investment knowledge of the CAN SLIM® methodology to consistently make low risk, high probability trades to maximize our profits and minimize our losses.

All materials provided by IBD® are available for download at no cost from the meetup site.

Although not a requirement for membership, it is highly encouraged that members read or be in the process of reading William O'Neil's book, How to Make Money in Stocks.


All are welcome that live in the Denver, CO vicinity, able to attend meetings in person, and have the desire to learn and share with others the CAN SLIM® stock investing methodology at all experience levels.

The membership goal of this group is to have active participation by all members through the attendance of regular meetups. Therefore, to be an active member, you will need to RSVP every month; however, if you haven't attended a meetup in the last 6 months, you will be removed. New Members that join and do not RSVP or attend a meetup within 3 months will be removed also. If you are removed as a member, you may always re-join when you want to become an active member again. If after being removed, you re-join again, but still do not attend a meetup within 3 months, you will not be allowed to re-join the meetup again for at least 3 months.

In your meetup profile under Name, a first and last name is required for membership with a recognizable picture of you (not a group picture) and intro. For example, if your meetup profile only lists you as "John", you will not be approved as a member. This is for administrative purposes and helps the leadership manage the many members with similar names as well as helps others identify with you between meetings.

Meeting Locations

Meeting locations vary depending on availability. In general, the meetup tries to meet in the Denver Metro area which can include Centennial, CO and Broomfield, CO, for example.

The meetup fee covers administration costs such as materials, facility, and refreshments. All recoverable costs are paid to unrelated third parties and do not include salaries, speaker fees, or any form of compensation to anyone.


We treat each other with respect
We intend to develop personal relationships to enhance trust and open communication.
We listen actively and respect others when they are talking.
We speak from our own experience

We participate to the fullest of our ability -- community growth depends on the inclusion of every individual voice.

Futher IBD® Meetup Guidelines provided by IBD® can be found in the Files Section of the Site.

No Tolerance

There is No Tolerance for members who post unknown links with no description and / or links that promote sales, marketing sites to anything other than IBD®, or any other inappropriate sites. The post will be deleted and that member will be removed from membership.

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