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Denver Java Users Group is a free, informal, all-volunteer, group of Denver Java enthusiasts that has been meeting since November 1995. We rely on community participation. We need your involvement, ideas, thoughts, and help if we are to continue to provide quality technical education and events now and into the future! Denver Java Users Group brings you leaders and specialists in Java technologies for first-hand exposure to code, best practices, tools, methodologies, and cutting-edge solutions. Meetings are free and open to the public.

You can follow us on Twitter @denverjug (https://twitter.com/denverjug) or subscribe to our YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/c/denverjug).

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Denver JUG Holiday Party at Rock Bottom Brewery

Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery

Hello everyone and happy holidays!

We'd like to gather in-person in December and get back to fostering this lovely community. We'll have lightning talks, an ugly sweater contest, and tasty beverages + snacks. If you'd like to do a 10-minute lightning talk (on any subject), please contact Matt Raible ([masked]).

This is an in-person event at Rock Botton Brewery in downtown Denver.

Okta and Alchemy Technology Group are sponsoring this event.


  • 5:30-6:00: Food, Soda, Beer and Networking
  • 6:00-6:15: Announcements
  • 6:15-8:00: Lightning Talks
  • 8:15: Door prizes

Java meets TypeScript: building a full-stack reactive web app with Spring Boot

5:30-6:00: Food, Soda, Beer, and Networking

6:00-6:15: Announcements

6:15-7:45: Java meets TypeScript: building a full-stack reactive web app with Spring Boot

As Java developers, we know the benefits of type-safety when building apps. The problem? Usually, that type-safety ends when we leave the server. What if it didn't have to be that way?

In this presentation, you'll learn how to build a full-stack reactive web app through live code examples. We'll use Spring Boot and Java on the backend and Google's Lit library and TypeScript on the frontend, connecting the two with the new Hilla framework from Vaadin.

About Marcus Hellberg:

Marcus is a long-time Java and web developer, always curious to learn new things. He's interested in combining modern web technologies and Java. Marcus loves teaching developers about cool new technologies and has presented at over 100 conferences and user groups around the world. He currently leads Developer Relations at Vaadin.

You can find Marcus on Twitter at @marcushellberg.

7:45: Door prizes

The live streaming of this meetup is sponsored by Okta.



5:30-6:00: Food, Soda, Beer and Networking

6:00-6:15: Announcements

6:15-7:45: Topic TBD

7:45: Door prizes

Denis Magda: How Java Apps Litter Beyond the Heap and What We Can Do About That

5:30-6:00: Food, Soda, Beer and Networking

6:00-6:15: Announcements

6:15-7:45: How Java Apps Litter Beyond the Heap (And What We Can Do About That)

As Java developers, we’re no strangers to the concept of garbage collection. Java apps generate lots of garbage which is meticulously cleaned by CMS, G1, Azul C4, and other types of collectors. However, the story doesn’t end with the Java heap. It only starts there. In fact, your application code constantly generates garbage and triggers collection cycles at the database and even hardware level.

In this session, we take the example of a typical Java application that uses PostgreSQL or YugabyteDB as a relational database and SSDs as a storage medium. From there, we will analyze how our apps litter beyond the boundaries of the Java runtime and what actions we can take to avoid surprises in production.

About Denis Magda

Denis started at Sun Microsystems and Oracle, where he built JVM/JDK and led one of the Java development groups. After learning Java from the inside, Denis joined the world of distributed systems and databases, where remained ever since. His experience spans from the development of distributed database engines and high-performance applications to training and education on the topic of “Java in the world of databases”.

7:45: Door prizes

8:00 Post-meetup networking

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