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Danny Inman - NREL

Using R for selecting efficient production frontiers for local sensitivity analysis. -

Sean Lopps - Rstudio

Group Choice (pick one) 1. RStudio 1.1 Updates (List Viewer, Databases, Terminals) 2. Turning R code into RESTful APIs 3. Intro to testthat

Andy Pickering

Have you every found yourself saying "It seems hotter/colder than normal lately"? I do all the time (maybe I just really like weather). Now you can check the data yourself with the WeatherComparer Shiny App. I'll show the app and talk a little about some issues I encountered when making it.

Laura Kinney Metro State - discusses analyzing survey results using the tidytext package and built a shiny app evaluating Likert scale questions to measure the effectiveness of the Colorado Youth at Risk program.

Peter DeWitt - Neptune

A quick talk about Non Standard Evaluation with dplyr and how to move away from the (depreciated) select_, mutate_, filter_, .... functions.

Ed Wolfrum - NREL

Ed has been using RMarkdown to simplify reporting of data in standard formats from multiple Excel files which contain different types of analytical chemistry data that must be combined and summarized before being reported out. In this lightning talk, Ed will talk about what he has learned about using RMarkdown, and also ask for advice in improving the current workflow.

Taylor Larsen is a Data Science Engineer at Health Catalyst and is part of the team responsible for healthcareai."

healthcareai is an open source machine learning package developed with healthcare use cases in mind. We'll do a quick overview of healthcareai's current features, implemented use cases, and the community behind the package.