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R Basics

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R Basics

These talks provide a brief overview of topics needed to you going using R. Each talk will be about 20 minutes. While the talks are aimed users new to R - everyone is welcome and there are always new tricks to learn. Talks will begin at 7:30.

Loading and writing Data - Steve Sullivan
save, load
read.table, write.table
read.csv, write.csv
Only mention: readChar, writeChar, readBin, writeBin
cat==write, paste, sprintf
plots: ggsave, png, pdf
Briefly mention packages: jsonlite, yaml, RSQLite, RMySQL, RPostgreSQL
Resources ...

dplyr - Andy Pickering
- piping
- The 5 main verbs of dplyr and examples usingdata frames
- What the equivalent functions would be in SQL and/or base R
- Introduction to the pipe and chaining operations.
- Group-by operations and pipe examples.

ggplot2 - Leila Afzali - Data Scientist
-What is ggplot2 and components of a ggplot2 plot
-Briefly discussing installing and loading the package
-Go over example(s) showing the usage of ggplot2 for EDA, model diagnostics
and result of analysis