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The goal of the Denver Real Estate Investment Strategies Meetup is to explore and discuss strategies that are working currently in the Denver market. This meetup is hosted by Charles Roberts and Chris Lopez with Your Castle Real Estate.

Charles has over 20 years of experience investing in Denver real estate. He's also the President of two local real estate companies:

• Your Castle Real Estate, a 520 person real estate firm based in Denver.

• Shorewood Real Estate, a 180 person firm with offices in Colorado Springs, Denver and Loveland.

He's personally helped investors with over 400 real estate transactions.

Charles and Chris run the https://www.denverinvestmentrealestate.com . The website's focus is on education and market updates to help investors build wealth in Denver real estate.

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The BRRRR Strategy for Investors

Your Castle Real Estate

BRRRR has become a popular term for rental property purchases. It stands for Buy, Repair, Rent, Refinance and Repeat. When used properly this strategy can allow real estate investors to buy rental properties with minimal cash out of pocket and establish a profitable real estate portfolio. This class will cover the steps in the strategy, things to watch out for, pros/cons of this method along with case studies of recent transactions. If you are serious about building a real estate portfolio, then this is a class that you will not want to miss. 1 HOUR FREE CE CERT. Hosted by Chris Lopez and Joe Massey

Property Analysis Spreadsheets Course

Your Castle Real Estate

Don't buy a bad deal! Use our spreadsheets to quickly and accurately analyze Denver rental properties which we created to help investors find the "right deal" for their portfolio. Learn how easy they are to use and how powerful they are for your real estate investing. We’ll walk through the two spreadsheets line by line and answer all your questions! Hosted by Chris Lopez and Joe Massey

How Many Properties Do I Need to Retire?

Your Castle Real Estate

Most active and prospective real estate investors have a rough sense of reasonable cap rates and rates of return for different types of properties. With this base of knowledge you can go the next step to what really matters - how many investment properties do I need to support my retirement goals? The answer might be fewer than you think! This class will help you figure this out by looking at different property types, comparing and contrasting them as investments for your portfolio. Join Chris Lopez and Joe Massey as they guide you through building wealth with real estate

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How Many Properties Do I Need to Retire?

Your Castle Real Estate

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