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Design Research for New Platforms and the why of Research

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 Design Research for New Platforms and the why of Research


Hello Designers,

We all love the idea of designing for something on the horizon, innovating and shaping the future of products at the cutting edge of technology. However, when we are faced with such tasks, how do we begin to do research when the platforms we are trying to design for does not exist and there are no users yet?

We are excited to host these experienced individuals in Denver to walk us through their process and methodology as they tackled the vastness of researching for an unproven and new platform. They all come from different backgrounds and will bring amazing perspectives to our community.


Tentative Speakers
Amara Hulslander: Sr. Designer, Amazon
Matthew Reiswig: Principal Designer for PCFS, Pivotal.
Dave Hora: Principal, Dave's Research Company, Ltd

6:00 Mingle & Mix over food and drinks
6:15 Intros
6:20 Talk 1
6:55 Talk 2
7:30 Talk 3
8:05 Q& A / Finish up cleaning and head out ( we want to be respectful of our host studio and leave before 9. However, we encourage our members to build professional relationships and continue the conversation via our slack channel,, or IRL over coffee/ drinks )

We are also proud to announce our newest partnership with Skookum Agency. They will open up their downtown studio to host us with food & drinks for the evening.

1801 California St Suite 2400 · Denver, CO

Parking Instruction:
Street Parking or Garage downtown. There are also options for light rail and bus as the studio is located downtown.
1200 17th St Suite 1000 · Denver, CO
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