February 2019 Meeting - GraphQL for the Full-stack .NET Developer

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7595 Technology Way, 4th Floor · Denver, CO

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If you arrive after 6:00 pm, the guard will allow you inside and up to the fourth floor.

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Main Topic: GraphQL for the Full-stack .NET Developer (William Wegerson)

GraphQL can be considered a next step `rest `-ful service in terms of the functionality of what it brings to a service API. In this discussion William Wegerson gives the history of GraphQL and demoes how one can build a useful hybrid rest and GraphQL.NET API against a SQL Server 2017/Azure database. William goes old school and shows how to pass on generated JSON data via stored procedures without Entity Framework for performance considerations all within a .NET Core 2.2 API using Visual Studio 2019. He also demonstrates a GraphQL testing playground based on the rest website to do basic queries against a fully stocked database. Every step is reproducible and usable in a real life coding scenarios; so come and learn the fundamentals of GraphQL in .NET.

Sponsored by: Microsoft