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Let's discover Denver's coffee shops together, one Saturday at a time.

Conversation is light, entertaining, and accessible. Events are kept small(ish) in number of participants in order to facilitate this dynamic, and based on the size of the cafe (usually around ten or so). We will meet at 8:30 every Saturday morning. This time gets our weekend started off in a great way and leaves plenty of time for other activities.

Please join us!

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This Week: Discover Nixon’s Coffeehouse

Nixon's Coffee House

This popular coffee shop is located in the northwest corner of Hudson Gardens at the Mary Carter Greenway Trail entrance.

Nixon’s Coffee House was inspired by Brad and Caren Nixon's love affair with both coffee and the community. Their goal is to prepare and serve great coffee and food at reasonable prices, while also providing a comfortable space for people to foster relationships and build community. Nixon’s mission is to be space for the community to connect.

This Week: Discover Honey Hill Cafe

Honey Hill Cafe

Honey Hill is a small local coffee shop located in the Park Hill neighborhood. We are fortunate to be located in such a loving and tight-knit community that we are delighted to serve. We pride ourselves in serving local and fresh foods and coffees. From espresso drinks, freshly brewed coffees, daily baked pastries, sandwiches, and salads, we are committed to serving fresh and sustainably produced foods.

This Week: Discover Windy Saddle Cafe

Windy Saddle Cafe

Windy Saddle Café has been fueling Golden since 2007. We pride ourselves in using only the finest (many of which are locally sourced), ingredients, impeccable customer care, and premium, sustainable, fair, small-batch roasted coffee. Our café is cozy, welcoming and busy. We look forward to serving you!

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This Week: Discover Wayfinder Coffee Co in Colorado Springs

wayfinder coffee company

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