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#19 Design Sprint Essentials - Implementing Design Sprints in Your Organisation

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A talk that introduces participants to Google Design Sprint methodology and provides practical tips to embed the Design Sprint into your organization.

What is a Design Sprint?
A Design Sprint takes the best parts from business strategy, innovation, behavior science and design thinking and put it together in a weeklong iteration cycle. It´s a recipe for how to solve challenges and test solutions with real users in 5 days.

What to expect,
The talk covers all five stages of the Design Sprint process

1. Map
Learn how to map your service and chooses a target customer and one target moment to create a tight focus for your sprint. Lay out the foundation for your map by setting an optimistic long-term goal and listing pessimistic sprint questions. Efficiently interview experts on your team, and get all the info you need to begin.

2. Sketch
Eliminate group brainstorming (and the shallow, abstract ideas it produces), and learn how Design Sprints rely on individual work to produce concrete, detailed solutions instead. You’ll learn how to confidently sketch your ideas, and teach everyone on your team the skills they need to create a visual representation of their solutions.

3. Decide
Cut through the “group decision” nightmare of sales pitches, arguments, and endless debate. Implement the sprint’s structured decision-making framework to make the best of everyone’s expertise while shortcutting the baloney. Learn how to coach your own team through making better, faster, more opinionated decisions.

4. Prototype
The core of the sprint is the development of a realistic prototype in just one day. In the workshop, you’ll learn why this approach is so critical for businesses—and how to choose the right technique to prototype any product or service.

5. Test
Take your ideas into the real world on the final day of every Design Sprint! Learn how to run prototype interviews with real target customers. Not only will you get a feel for the market, but you’ll be able to answer questions and prevent problems before they ever occur.

Who should attend?
Startup founders
Team leaders and managers
Business Developers
Product managers

What background knowledge is expected?
We expect basic knowledge in Design Thinking and Lean Startup.

Speaker Profile,
Mark Ong is a UX Designer with a passion for sustainable growth and social enterprises. He is currently working as a UX designer at Nanyang Technological University and Standard Chartered Bank. He was part of the winning team that won NASA's Global Space App Challenge under the 'Galactical Impact'. He traveled to Florida last August to witness the launch of the TDRS-M Satellite.

Passionate about entrepreneurship and startups, he is experienced in developing numerous companies and client services. As an aspiring thought leader, Mark has spoken on UX, Design Sprint and entrepreneurship as a panelist at General Assembly, SMU, and SGinnovate. Mark has facilitated Design Sprints and is an evangelist of this game-changing methodology.

More information,
The sprint is a five-day process for answering critical business questions. Developed at Google Ventures, it’s a “greatest hits” of business strategy, innovation, design thinking and more—packaged into a battle-tested process that any team can use.

Google Venture's run sprints for companies like Nest and Medium. Slack used it to redesign their Marketing proposal. Nowadays, both multinational companies and start-ups are picking up on this lean methodology for innovation.

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