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Are you a creative who works in or is passionate about Design in all its forms? Are you a Photoshop master or maybe you’re making tricks in animation software? You like making sketches, cartoons or maybe immortalizing moments? From 3 pictures you can create a concept or you like playing with lines and shapes? Or you are a digital or object designer? Here’s a community you would want to join.

This group is for anyone interested in, willing to find out and develop in the creative domain. Being it advertising people with skills in Photoshop, Graphic Arts, Product Design, Architecture, User Experience Designer or User Interface Designer, Graphic Design or people who work or are passionate about animation, sketching, cartoons or other creative arts, this group represents the perfect way to meet people who are in the same environment like you.

We will gather for a beer once a month or every two months meet and debate a certain topic in Design with someone from the community.

Come and interact with people from whom you can learn tips & tricks. This group is open for everyone. It’s the chance to network with people sharing the same interests as you!

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