What we're about

We are a group interested in the application of design methods to support happiness.

We believe that the ultimate design intent is happiness. It doesn’t matter what we are trying to do in life, better relationships, better job, get fit, eat better, more money, bigger, better, faster, slower, stronger, smarter, etc… we undertake these efforts because we believe that achieving them will help us to be happier.

Happiness is a very complex experience, with many facets. We start with the idea that much of happiness is actually an evolved chemical sensation that lets us know when we are doing things right in terms of survival.

Unfortunately much of the world is not designed to support happiness, but is actually antithetical to its achievement. The world is either haphazard, and unconsidered, or companies have designed things in a way to optimize for profit often at the expense of our happiness.

But what if things were different? What if we designed the world for happiness? Come explore these questions with us.

Hosted by Masamichi Souzou (http://mmsz.co)

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