Guest Speaker: Wyatt Preul from Joyent


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NOTE: the meetup will be the FIRST Tuesday of the month in April instead of the third Tuesday of the month to work around DockerCon

We will have Wyatt Preul from Joyent as a Guest Speaker

This presentation demonstrates how to run Node.js microservices with Docker containers in production using ContainerPilot and Consul. This talk also describes potential pitfalls to be aware of when using Docker and when building microservices. The working example application utilizes hapi and seneca as well as InfluxDB. The example application demonstrates monitoring your containers using Prometheus. Everything presented is capable of running anywhere that Docker can run.

Below is a high level outline of the topics covered:

• Docker

• Potential pitfalls

• Docker, docker-compose and related configuration

• Node.js microservices - Writing services using hapi and Seneca

• ContainerPilot - how to use ContainerPilot with Consul for service discovery

• Deploying services in production

• Debugging containers/services in production


Wyatt is a microservices enthusiast and contributor to seneca ( and related modules. He is also the core maintainer of hapi.js ( modules. He has helped author a few programming related books that include Developing a hapi.js Edge (, Professional Community Server Themes, and Professional Community Server. He also worked at WalmartLabs and helped to drive their node.js adoption. He loves open source, application security, and archery. He is a collaborator for node.js ( as well.