F# And Azure, a logical love story!

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Main Session

F# and Azure

Azure's continued growth is making it easier and easier to create and deploy applications to the cloud and have them run at massive scale previously reserved for the world's biggest companies and thanks to the Platform as a Service (PaaS) features we're able to build these applications even faster. But we still need to ensure our applications are architected in such a way that we're able to effectively make the most of this scalability. In this talk we'll look at how functional programming helps us to achieve these levels of scalability, focusing specifically on F#. F# is a functional first programming language from Microsoft which runs on the CLR, allowing for full interoperability with the rest of the .Net framework, allowing us to integrate effortlessly with Azure. We'll see how we're able to build and deploy idiomatic F# web services quickly using Suave and Azure WebApps, we'll go beyond Platform as a Service and look at Azure's Function as a Service offering in Azure Functions. Finally, we'll take a look at how we can build up an effective big data strategy on Azure in .Net with MBrace and quickly explore huge datasets in the cloud, all from the comfort of Visual Studio or the command line.