• Using Github actions to automate your CI/CD pipeline. Carl Sargunar

    Everyone wants an easier life, and It's a commonly used phrase that If you do something more than once, automate it. Your future self will thank you! One way to do this is with Github Actions.

    Github actions allow you to build, test, package and deploy your code easily and quickly - It's a straight forward process, there's a great community around it and it's free (within certain contstraints). In this talk I'm going to automate building a simple contact form package, publish it to nuget. Once it's on there, I'll use it in a sample website, and show how to deploy that website to Azure using Github Actions.

    The code for all this will be made available open source after the meeting so you can go away and try this for yourself, and you can use the actions to build your own libraries, packages, and deploy your own sites. The only problem left will be choosing which awesome project you work on next with all the time you save :)

  • Microsoft authentication systems with Dee Bolt


    To follow