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We bring our members great talks from the best speakers in the UK and where possible from around the world. Predominately we look at the Microsoft development stack, but we do have platform neutral and methodology based talks too.

We guarantee one meeting a month, normally on the 3rd Thursday of the month. Everyone is welcome! Be you a student or grizzled professional, come along for a night of great content, people and pizza :)

We offer your first 2 events for free, then after that we'd like you to take out a membership to continue attending. Speak to either John or Rich to find out more about how the membership works :)

If you're wondering why you can't see the full 5 years of back sessions we've had, it's because we've recently migrated from our old home at NxtGenUG Southampton (http://www.nxtgenug.net/Southampton). By all means go and see what we've covered in the previous 5 years :D

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Inside the CLR (Common Language Runtime) by Chris Bacon

Running C#/.NET code is something we do all the time. But how does the .exe/.dll file produced by the compiler actually get executed? What's going on inside the dotnet[core]/Mono runtime? In an attempt to answer these questions we'll investigate the contents of a .NET executable file and the things that the runtime needs to have in place in order to execute .NET code. With examples from a very simple interpreted .NET runtime, demonstrating that this may not be as complex as you imagined! This will be based on the (inefficient, pointless, and obsolete!) DotNetAnywhere runtime that Chris wrote many years ago (you may also recognise the name as it's what Steve Sanderson used for his original Blazor demo) https://github.com/chrisdunelm/DotNetAnywhere About Chris Bacon: Chris is a software engineer, currently at Google, and has been using .NET since C# version 2.

Kubernetes, Raspberry Pis, and more! - Dan Clarke

The speaker for this meetup will be Dan Clarke! He's been using Kubernetes a lot lately, and thought it would be fun to install Kubernetes on a cluster of Raspberry Pis. There will be real hardware, and we'll create a basic .NET messaging architecture using Rabbit MQ - run it locally natively, then with Docker, then we'll install and run it on our Raspberry Pi cluster. Along the way, he'll explain some of the core concepts and benefits of Docker, Docker Compose, Kubernetes, and message queues. He'll also explain how to install Kubernetes on a cluster of Raspberry Pis and discuss the hardware. This talk is suitable for both those who have never used Docker or Kubernetes before; those who have and are interested in installing Kubernetes on bare-metal; or those who just like Raspberry Pis and shiny things! --- Dan (@dracan on Twitter), is an independent software developer with over 20 years of commercial experience. He works for his own company, Everstack Ltd, providing software development and consultation services for multiple businesses. He's very passionate about software development, productivity, and ongoing learning and self-improvement. His blog can be found at https://www.danclarke.com.

Dylan Beattie comes to Dev South Coast


Details to follow.

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