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We bring our members great talks from the best speakers in the UK and where possible from around the world. Predominately we look at the Microsoft development stack, but we do have platform neutral and methodology based talks too.

We guarantee one meeting a month, normally on the 3rd Thursday of the month. Everyone is welcome! Be you a student or grizzled professional, come along for a night of great content, people and pizza :)

We offer your first 2 events for free, then after that we'd like you to take out a membership to continue attending. Speak to either John or Rich to find out more about how the membership works :)

If you're wondering why you can't see the full 5 years of back sessions we've had, it's because we've recently migrated from our old home at NxtGenUG Southampton (http://www.nxtgenug.net/Southampton). By all means go and see what we've covered in the previous 5 years :D

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Jon Hilton - Keeping up with .NET web development in 2020

Online event

"Keeping up" with ASP.NET Development in 2020 us hard... Gone are the days when you could just knock up a WebForms site, add a little JQuery and get on with your life. Now you face choices, so many choices: MVC or Razor Pages? Blazor? ASP.NET Core Web API + JS framework? React, Angular, Vue? Where do you start, and what if you choose the "wrong" option? Well I'm here to help! There is no "wrong" option; after all, technologies come and go but foundational principles remain constant throughout. Some relatively small tweaks to your application architecture can make it much easier to ride these technology waves as they come and go. Join me as we explore what it takes to build better web applications, whatever the framework. By the end of this session you'll have a solid approach you can take to building all your web applications, leaving you free to choose the best framework for the job without rewriting the entire thing when the next shiny new framework inevitably arrives...

Internationalisation beyond translation - with John Kilmister

As the world gets smaller Internationalisation (and Localisation) is something that more developers need to think about, yet it is a complex subject. It is also, however, one of those things that a few small changes at the right time can save a lot of effort down the line. Through the talk we will cover a wide range of topics and areas from alphabets to zip codes, date formatting and time zones, through to how to handle national and cultural considerations in your work. We will also look at how the C# code we write and the frameworks we use can both help and hinder the process of turning your application global. By the end of the session you should have a new appreciation of some of the challenges with pointers on how to start approaching them. If you have never thought how to support a diverse world or what it would take to make an app/website work across the globe this may interest you. John is a Dev South Coast regular and a developer for over 20 years. First starting as VB6 then a .net developer on the 1.1 framework. John has worked on a number of large international websites servicing many different countries in many different languages and is currently at Pure Gym as their Principal Software Architect.

Isaac Abraham on ARM Templates and Farmer

Online event

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