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We bring our members great talks from the best speakers in the UK and where possible from around the world. Predominately we look at the Microsoft development stack, but we do have platform neutral and methodology based talks too.

We guarantee one meeting a month, normally on the 3rd Thursday of the month. Everyone is welcome! Be you a student or grizzled professional, come along for a night of great content, people and pizza :)

We offer your first 2 events for free, then after that we'd like you to take out a membership to continue attending. Speak to either John or Rich to find out more about how the membership works :)

If you're wondering why you can't see the full 5 years of back sessions we've had, it's because we've recently migrated from our old home at NxtGenUG Southampton (http://www.nxtgenug.net/Southampton). By all means go and see what we've covered in the previous 5 years :D

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A double bill of talks from Jon P Smith.


'An introduction to Domain-Driven Design, with examples from Entity Framework Core'. Eric Evans book Domain-Driven Design (DDD) says on page 4 "The heart of software is its ability to solve domain-related (business-related) problems for the users.”. But for us developers it’s sometimes hard to see where and how to apply DDD in our projects. In this talk Jon will give you examples of how he has applied DDD in real-world applications, especially using Entity Framework Core, with his impressions of how hard/useful each DDD feature is to use. 'Using an event-driven architecture with Entity Framework Core'. Following on from the first talk Jon will describe an event-driven architecture where events are used to execute business logic/database updates in an application using Entity Framework Core. Jon has been using such an event-driven design for one of his clients, so he can talk first-hand about the good and bad parts of this approach. Jon Smith is an Independent back-end senior developer with special focus the .NET Core and Azure. He wrote book "Entity Framework Core in Action” and author of series on ASP.NET Core authorisation, which he spoke about at NDC OSLO 2019. His tech blog can be found at https://www.thereformedprogrammer.net/.

Blazor - The future of frontend is here.


What started as a prototype demo at NDC Oslo in 2017 has become one of the hottest technologies in the .NET ecosystem. Blazor is Microsoft’s new frontend framework for building single page applications using C#. That’s right, C# running in your browser. No plugins, transpilation or voodoo magic involved. If you’re a .NET developer who’s looking to up their frontend game, or curious about how this all works and thinking of making a switch, then this is the talk for you! Join Microsoft MVP and Blazor expert Chris Sainty as he gives an introduction into this game changing new framework. You’ll explore Blazor's flexible architecture, rendering models, syntax, project types, component model and more. Chris Sainty is a Microsoft MVP, software engineer and blogger with over 15 years experience working with [http://ASP.NET](http://asp.net). He currently works at Flagship Group, a housing association in the east of England, leading a team building repairs and maintenance solutions using .NET Core technologies. Chris is passionate about sharing his knowledge with the community. He is an avid blogger and user group speaker. He maintains several open source projects under the Blazored banner and regularly contributes to open source projects. Chris is also a proud member of the .NET Foundation. You can find Chris online at his blog http://chrissainty.com and on Twitter as @chris_sainty

Callum Whyte.



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