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We bring our members great talks from the best speakers in the UK and where possible from around the world. Predominately we look at the Microsoft development stack, but we do have platform neutral and methodology based talks too.

We guarantee one meeting a month, normally on the 3rd Thursday of the month. Everyone is welcome! Be you a student or grizzled professional, come along for a night of great content, people and pizza :)

We offer your first 2 events for free, then after that we'd like you to take out a membership to continue attending. Speak to either John or Rich to find out more about how the membership works :)

If you're wondering why you can't see the full 5 years of back sessions we've had, it's because we've recently migrated from our old home at NxtGenUG Southampton (http://www.nxtgenug.net/Southampton). By all means go and see what we've covered in the previous 5 years :D

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Writing XAML like it's 2023, Matt Lacey


Whether it be MAUI, WPF, WinUI, Xamarin.Forms, UWP, Uno Platform, Avalonia, or any other technology that defines UIs with XAML, there are some common complaints about working with XAML files that have been around as long as XAML has.

It can be hard to write, understand, maintain and modify. But, it doesn't have to be this way.

The solution isn't abandoning XAML entirely, adopting a new framework, or using a different pattern. The solution is treating XAML like a "real programming language."

By comparing it with how we write and work with C# and other files we compile into our applications, let me show you what we've been doing wrong, how we can do things differently, how it makes things better, and give you strategies for improving existing codebases.
Or, you can tell me why I'm wrong, and that it's still appropriate that the XAML files created today look like the ones created 15+ years ago.

Matt Lacey is an independent development consultant who focuses on helping developers to create better software. He’s an author, Microsoft MVP, and contributor to multiple open-source projects.

Having worked in companies of all sizes, and in a variety of different industries, he has used more languages and technologies than he can count. Matt brings this breadth of experience to present a viewpoint that considers technology, business, and design

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Mark Heath: Make microservices less painful with Dapr


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