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We bring our members great talks from the best speakers in the UK and where possible from around the world. Predominately we look at the Microsoft development stack, but we do have platform neutral and methodology based talks too.

We guarantee one meeting a month, normally on the 3rd Thursday of the month. Everyone is welcome! Be you a student or grizzled professional, come along for a night of great content, people and pizza :)

We offer your first 2 events for free, then after that we'd like you to take out a membership to continue attending. Speak to either John or Rich to find out more about how the membership works :)

If you're wondering why you can't see the full 5 years of back sessions we've had, it's because we've recently migrated from our old home at NxtGenUG Southampton (http://www.nxtgenug.net/Southampton). By all means go and see what we've covered in the previous 5 years :D

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Nailing down distributed workflows with microservices: Ben Arroyo

Workflows are present in every business. These bring up different challenges such as integration with different systems, long-lived transactions, failure recovery and more. In this session we’ll learn how to address these issues with a distributed, event-driven architecture based on microservices that I’ve been using successfully in the last three years across different projects. We also learn how to implement this architecture with MassTransit and Automatonymous and run it on containers with Kubernetes. The session broken down into three parts. In the first part of the session we’ll brush up some DDD patterns and microservices patterns such as sagas, orchestration and different communication patterns. On the second part we’ll put those patterns in practice by building up the sample architecture for an imaginary business, which requires integration with external systems with different communication protocols and built with different technologies (Python, Node, …). On the final part we’ll see how to implement the architecture. Ben Arroyo is a .NET developer and chicken keeper. Has been playing with Microsoft technologies for over 20 years. Full stack developer, although a bit lopsided onto the frontend. Worked as independent contractor for the last 9 years. Currently working as team leader at Supplier Assessment Services.

From four to forty in four years - trials and tribulations of growing a team

Rich worked together with the team at PureGym between 2016 to 2020. During that time Rich was directly involved in helping the team navigate the process of scaling up to 16 people, scaling back down to 8 people until eventually growing to its current size of 40 people. This talk is a journey through that time period and will touch on the various approaches taken including topics such as "Agile", Scrum, Lean, Kanban, GIST planning, Lean Startup, DevOps, IaC, Azure, Story Mapping, BDD, TDD, Project vs Product and we'll be looking at the successes, failures and lessons learned. We'll also look at how the team dynamic shifted and what structures and interaction models were chosen. We will discuss what, in Rich's opinion, has worked well and what hasn't worked well during that time. No doubt you will walk away from this session with a long list of books to read and hopefully some insights into whether you might want to try some of the approaches discussed during the talk.

'Globally resilient websites with Front Door' with Callum Whyte.

Delivering maximum uptime and the fastest response to our end users all over the world is very important... So we deploy our application to multiple regions and route traffic to the nearest available servers. But managing and visualising each component of our infrastructure, how it everything hangs together, detecting and handling failure, as well as deployments, can all be a challenge. This session will dive in to the tools we can use, like Cloudflare and Azure Front Door, to add world-class resilience to a globally distributed Umbraco website - for maximum uptime and speed. We'll look how to tackle other interesting challenges, like cache busting and routing our users to the best / fastest server for them.

Matt Lacey: The Uno Platform and Modern XAML Development

A double bill of talks tonight from Matt Lacey: Uno Platform: XAML & C# apps on Desktop, Mobile, and WebAssembly. Let me introduce you to the Uno platform: a new cross-platform development solution for using C# and XAML to create apps that run on Windows, Android, iOS, and WebAssembly. As a UI framework based on UWP XAML, it offers data binding, styling, and templating, plus tooling support from Visual Studio. It's a write once, run everywhere solution with the ability to customize for specific platforms if you desire. Uno provides a path beyond the desktop for UWP apps, as well as a way to take Xamarin.Forms apps and run them on the Web with WebAssembly. Uno is open-source (Apache 2.0) with a passionate community supporting it. Plus, there's professional support if you need it. So you can be confident about using it in your projects. Modern XAML Development XAML has become overlooked as a solution for creating application user interfaces. But, while new technologies have emerged, XAML is still an excellent choice for creating a UI. It's great for creating the front-end for Windows, Mobile, and Web software in a declarative, easy to read, and a composable way. This talk is the result of more than ten years of experience with XAML, recent work to improve XAML tooling, and capabilities within both Microsoft and the Open-Source community. It will cover recent updates to the tooling and functionality from Microsoft, 3rd parties, and the OSS community. It also looks at techniques, patterns, and practices to enable you to create XAML you can easily visualize and maintain. Matt Lacey is an independent development consultant who focuses on helping developers to create better software. He’s an author, Microsoft MVP, and contributor to multiple open-source projects. Having worked in companies of all sizes, and in a variety of different industries, he has used more languages and technologies than he can count. Matt brings this breadth of experience to present a viewpoint that considers technology, business, and design.

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