Building next generation web apps with Blazor

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Developer South Coast
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The widespread adoption of WebAssembly, by all major browsers, has opened the world of front-end development to languages other than JavaScript. The platform leading the charge is Blazor - a new client-side UI framework from the Microsoft ( team. Blazor allows developers to write client-side applications using C# which runs inside the browser without needing plugins or transpilation - how cool is that!

In this code-focused session, we'll explore the Blazor platform. We'll start by looking at fundamentals such as how to structure Blazor applications for flexibility. The component model, looking at life cycle methods and inter-component communication, as well as forms and validation. We'll then explore some more advanced topics such as authentication, authorisation and JavaScript interop.

Chris Sainty is a Microsoft MVP, software engineer and blogger with over 15 years experience working with ( He currently works at Flagship Group, a housing association in the east of England, leading a team building repairs and maintenance solutions using .NET Core technologies.

Chris is passionate about sharing his knowledge with the community. He is an avid blogger and user group speaker. He maintains several open source projects under the Blazored banner and regularly contributes to open source projects. Chris is also a proud member of the .NET Foundation. You can find Chris online at his blog and on Twitter as